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Sakki's Guestbook 1.II

This is a guestbook software where the users can add comments with their name, email address, home page url and state. The users have an option to...



Inherithed from TDataTimePicker and link to a table. In addition to component original there are two additional properties: Datasource and...

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Binny's Guestbook 1.00.C

This script collects visitor information from the public and stores it in a file for viewing. It also includes a self-created acknowledgment page....


Ticket Booking Script 1.0

PHP/MySQL based ticket reservation/ booking system that can be used on any website offering event or service tickets online. Installing the ticket...

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X.Forum 0.6

X.Forum is a online discussion board that is written in PHP and uses text as its database. This discussion board is very user friendly,containing...



An easy to use guestbook that can be added to your website in minutes. Could also be used as a mini messageboard. All messages are stored in a...


Free Vertical Slide Show 2.2

Cross-Browser Dhtml JavaScript Vertical Slide Show concatenates and slides from the top down any number of images.

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Graphical Guestbook 0.0.2

This guestbook uses a Java based client that can be embedded in a web page, and a PHP server script to send data to the Java applet for display....


9Rays.Net DBFlyTreeView

DBFlyTreeView is a components suite that provides your users with an easy and fast way of hierarchical/table/list data display and browsing....

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Video, Audio Chat Pro ActiveX OCX SDK 2.12

Live Video, Audio Conferencing in LAN or Internet (Peer to Peer). Send live video messages using your webcam. Send live audio messages using your...

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Superb Scripts B2B Script 5.8

SuperbScripts.com B2B trading Marketplace Script clone of alibaba Marketplace script is a wonderful solution to launch your own business to...

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Phorum 3.4

Uses MySQL or PostgreSQL as the backend and has conversion utilities for the popular Perl CGI scripts WWWBoard, WebBBS and Discus. Allows for...


Papervision 3D Image Gallery

This is a Papervision 3D / ActionScript 3.0 based image gallery. It's a XML driven gallery with nice effects and simulates real rotation of menu...

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Add Icon With Url In Browser

Add icons that show up in the URL box and with Favorites (bookmarks) in IE5. Here are two methods to do it... along with information on icon...


Piece Of Cake Guestbook 1.0

Piece Of Cake Guestbook is a software in PHP with multiple heading options. This programme consists of two folder ie- guest book and titles....


The Digital Guestbook 1.0

A 1998 version of Matt Wright's famous guestbook script. This one works fully under both Win NT and Unix, has e-mail options, censorship, and...


SignMe 1.0

A simple guestbook that consists of just 5 files. Data is stored in a flat file so you don't need any databases. You can edit admin login and...


Tetris Game!

Tetris Game! can be used in your web pages to give your visitors a nice game to play. Tetris is similar to the familiar tetris of the video game...


CGI Page Simple Guestbook 1.0.0

This is a simple guestbook script that allows visitors to a site to leave a short message by signing the guestbook.


URL Monitor 1.0 6.14.2007.2

You only need to add a URL, then the software will work automatically. Monitor URL. (support http, ftp, https) It will check whether the...

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