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Free Samsung Star Mobile Phone Themes

CELF Mobile Phone Middleware 1.0

This project is hosting development of headers, tests, documentation, and (eventually) reference implementations for libraries supporting the...


Mobile phone content sale

This script allows you to offer more than 15 000 monophonic ringtones, polyphonic, black & white logos, wallpapers and animated screensavers logos,...


blueZync bluetooth phone synchronization 1.0

Synchronize bluetooth mobile phone with thunderbird, lightning, sunbird, outlook etc.

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P2P App on Mobile 1.0

p2p-mobile is an application written in Java(J2ME) that allow VOD,Video Conference,File Sharing on Mobile Phone.


#01 Wws Send Sms

The WWS Send SMS is Perl script for sending short messages to mobile phone or pager. The WWS Send SMS script send messages from Your mail programm...


3wsms 1.8

Freeware program to free pay send text messages to a mobile phone.Sends SMS to any mobile phone for Mobile TeleSystems network (Moscow and Russia...

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Linux on SX1 1.5

The goal of this project is developing completly free linux environment for Siemens SX1 mobile phone and for any smartphone in the future.

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FreeSMS 1.01

Freeware program to send text messages to a mobile phone, seems to work for most countries netwroks. Has a simple address book, and will work...

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#01 WWS Web2SMS

Send short messages to a mobile phone or pager from your site. You can send unlimited messages with unlimited length. The script will automatically...


@Mail WebMail 3.61

@Mail allows users to send and receive emails via a webbrowser or wireless mobile-phone. The system allows users to sign-up for a new email account...


AcrossCommunications SDK

This is a communication program which allows the users to handle SDK that provides a set of COM objects to them to utilize the strength of across...


Calendar Servlet I.40

Calendar Servlet displays web - based calendar. A flat file or database based persistence saves the data of yours and thus supports file based...


OmniChex Web 4.0

Manage info on your website in a linked checklist web, with a browser, mobile phone or Pocket PC. Ideal for all checklist types: task, to do,...


ProAnalyzer Ad Tracking System updated I.85

This powerfully packaged ad tracking system logs and analyzes advertising & conversion stats, return on investment, affiliate sign-ups, opt-in list...


RogeR's Server Status 1.0

This script is built in PHP. The basic function of this tool is it performs to connect to port 80 on the server and if it could not connect or is...


SMS Kambi

This script allows users to simply and securely pay via their mobile phone by sending a text message to a premium number. It returns a password via...



Display a liveticker that you can update with SMS messages from your mobile phone.


SMSAuthenticator 1.02b

SMSAuthenticator can be integrated into any application supporting SOAP communication services to implement additional security where the username,...


The OmniChex Product Suite 3.III

This set of products comes with the ability to let the webmasters to organize and manage their information on their or their company's website by...


Wapmess 0.01a

Wapmess webserver helps mobile phone users and PDA users to connect to an ICQ-account and send/receive messages via ICQ, with mobile phones that...