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Download Samsung Jet Java Applications

Developing and distributing Java applications for the client side

Java Web Start is a client-side technology that enables Java applications to launch either from a desktop or from a Web page. This alleviates from...


Jet - Java Extended Ticker 2.0

Jet - Java Extended Ticker is a Unix compatible script that displays any kind of multi-layered information in a web page and apply functionality to...


JET (Java Extended Ticker) 2.0

JET (Java Extended Ticker) is a java applet that can scroll the text or menu in multiple layers assigning individual property. You can create macro...


Moving Java Applications to .NET

Moving Java Applications to .NET is a reference article which deals about the information of .NET and java by comparing them, what are all the...


Generate certificate chains for testing Java applications

This is an useful article for software developers to learn about software testing modules. The author has narrated on what actually does 'Digital...


WAP builds Java applications

This tutorial provides information to connect using wireless network, the various existing Java infrastructure of an enterprise with a very small...


Smart Calendar for Java Applications 1.0

SmartCalendar is a purely Java-based library of graphical calendar beans, including calculagraph and calendar tools.

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base for modular Java applications 0.1.0

Bamja is a Rich Client Platform for data acquisition programs and provides a fast and flexible software development based on a service oriented...

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NaviCoder IDE for Java (Commercial Edition) 3.0

NaviCoder is a Java IDE that enables programmers to create and debug code faster.

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Advanced Installer For Java 1.IV

Advanced Installer For Java 1.4 is a Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java applications, integrating them fully into the...


Bokai Barcode Image Generator Java component (Barcode/JSP) 3.I

Bokai barcode image generator Java component is a barcode java bean (barcode control) that generates barcode images in PNG or JPEG format without...


Eltima Java Swing Components 2.9.5

Eltima Java/SWING Components extend the standard set of visual library components, offering new ways to present your creativity to clients. You can...


Getting started with Java

This tutorial discusses the various topics in Java and teaches programming in Java. The Java programming language has virtually become the industry...


IBM's Interface Tool for Java

IBM's Interface Tool for Java is a powerful tool providing custom and optimum solutions for all webmasters to communicate with activex objects....


Structural Analysis for Java

Users can use this tutorial to know about SA4J technology which measures the stabilty of Java applications by analysing the structural...


The Java Foundry

Here you will find information focusing on enterprise architecture, application profiling, integration, design patterns and various other topics...


Visual Java/SWING Components Library 2.III

Eltima Visual Java Swing Components Library provides developers with easily-integratable components that allow adding attractive styles to buttons,...


Genetic Algorithms Library (in Java) 1.0

This API is intended to help developers use genetic algorithms in their own java applications.

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OpenXLS Java Excel Spreadsheet SDK 6.0.7

OpenXLS is the open source version of ExtenXLS -- a best-in-class Java spreadsheet SDK from Extentech that allows you to read, modify and create...

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Java Resource Detector Library 1.0

This project enables Java applications to access detailed information about the host on which the JVM is running.