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Java Download Games For Samsung Star

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Java Reverse-Engineering for Eclipse 1.0

Java reverse-engineering plug-in for Eclipse Modelling project.


Java Application Framework For All 2.1.0

An Enterprise Focused Java Framework For Rapid Application Development.

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EclEmma - Java Code Coverage for Eclipse 2.2.0

EclEmma is a free Java code coverage tool for Eclipse, available under the Eclipse Public License.

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Java Account Manager for LDAP 1.0

Java Account Manager is an LDAP client focused designed to manage user accounts in a directory tree, such as OpenLDAP.


MDAOG Java DAO Generator For PostgreSQL 1.0

MDAOG is a Java Based DAO Generator.

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Java Code Generator for Spring 1.0

Jwag ( Java Web Application Generator) is a simple Java based Application, that allows you to generate a complete Spring web application to do CRUD...


Java Local Database for Mobile 1.0

The project developing as a API for j2me platform.


Java Support Environment For C++ Libs 386

This aims at moving C++ libraries into the Java culture with the help of Swig, XML, and XSLT: Java, JNI, JavaHelp, JavaBeans, RMI,JDBC, Servlets,...

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Java Middleware API for Asterisk 1.0

Asterisk-Java Middleware is a project that aims to create a common Java RMI interface using the Asterisk-Java classes.


pur Java registry wrapper for Windows 4.5

Registry reader/writter in Java without any additional dll.

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JDE for Emacs, Java Mode, and Hilit Java

Emacs can be used to modify your Emacs environment into a Java-language integrated development platform with its three of the best tools which are:...


GLPK for Java 1.0.24

GLPK for Java provides a Java language binding for the library GLPK.

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Joyster - Perl Interpreter for Java 1.0

Joyster is a Java-based interpreter for Perl that can be run separately or embedded in Java applications.


Stomp - a bytecode enhancer for Java rc3

Stomp is a Java bytecode enhancer for transparently persisting Java objects.

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Translate SWF for Java

Translate SWF is Java-based compiler for Macromedia's ActionScript language.

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JaCC 4 WRL - The Java compiler for WRL 1.0

This project aims to provide a Java-Bytecode compiler for the fairly new programming language WRL and others like PHP4 and Postfix, based on the...

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Users can utilize this website in which there are lots of applets which the users can use to build their websites. This site can be easily accessed...