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UnrarAll 0.1

A small program that allow to unpack all 'rar' files in derictory using 'unrar' program.

By: Unrarall Homepage


LC32 Utils 1.0

This project aims to provide a set of useful applications to enhance the LogiCAD-32 programming environment.

By: Lc32-utils Homepage


Keyboard Jedi 1.0

Keyboard Jedi helps learn and show keyboard shortcuts as you use them globally ANY application you use.

By: Keyboardjedi Homepage


Visual Evaluation Specification Tool 1.0

The Visual Evaluation Specification Tool (VEST) allows usability evaluators to specify usability lab evaluations using statecharts.

By: Vest-tool Homepage


IPTV interface research 1.0

A example of IPTV interface to use on devices that use this tecnology.

By: Iptvinterface Homepage


HecMeeting 1.0

Open Source IM and voice client using Jabber and SIP protocols, with great audio quality thanks to speex and a nice and clean interface.

By: Hecmeeting Homepage


vocabulary master 3

This is a small program to help you learn words in other languages.

By: Studywords Homepage


PiGii 1.0

PHP installer, plus GTK installer, plus PHP-GTK installer : all in one - although each one may be installed separately - for MS-Windows users.

By: Pigii Homepage


Visual Studio Helpers 1.0

This project consists of 2 utilities to assist in the use of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 via a command line interface.

By: Vs-utilities Homepage


snipply 1.0

Verwaltung von Code Schnipseln.

By: Snipply Homepage


Lekoi PHP Web Framework 1.0

Lekoi is a simple PHP web framework.

By: Lekoi Homepage


libpardus 1.0

libpardus is a python library primarily providing tools for facilitated option parsing in command line programs.

By: Libpardus Homepage


Explore from here 1.0

this NetBeans module add a custom action to filesystem nodes to launch an OS explorer pointing the directory referenced by the node.

By: Efhnbm Homepage


Hashhelper 1.0

A small utility written in C# to perform computing and varification of hashes for developers.

By: Hashhelper Homepage


Text to Image Converter 1.0

For several purposes of our OCR research we needed a converter that can generate an image from any given Bangla/ Bengali text.

By: Homepage


MadLauncher rc.beta01

Simple Application Launcher that allows you to simply run application like on linux os.

By: Madlauncher Homepage


SumSync 1.0

SumSync is an on-demand, two-way syncing utility that uses existing protocols to enable users to mirror and backup data on an unlimited number of...

By: Sumsync Homepage


Command Tools 1.0b

suite of command line tools.

By: Cmdtools Homepage


Reorganization of Web page for blind peo 1.0

Application allowing to make Internet pages compatible with directives 5 and 6 of the WAI, to improve visualization of web page.

By: Bitonio Homepage


DataOnUSB 1.0

This project will allow the users to carry their valuable data using Pendrive.

By: Dataonusb Homepage