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Site Translator Pro 3.4.7

Translate your Websites and .Net Applications to 19 languages without modifying your source code!

By: Mike Barlow Homepage

Shareware - Visual C++ MFC Source Code

Webmasters can utilize this website to create an attractive, impressive website by using the diagramming related tools offered by this site. This...

By: UCanCode.Net Software Homepage

Freeware - Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources

Using this website, anyone ranging from programmers to webmasters can be benefited to a great extent. This site offers source codes and libraries...

By: Christopher Heng Homepage

Freeware - Professional C++ CGI libraries

C++ programmers can utilize this website to gain knowledge on various tutorials and libraries related to C++. This site offers the users with C++...

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Programmershelp C section

Users who like to gain knowledge about the programming language C can use this website. This website offers the users, many tutorials, books,...

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This site can be used by the users right from the basic learners to advanced level programmers of C++. This site offers a variety of tutorials that...

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JavaScript Section at is a website which gives detailed about the client side javascripts, core side javascripts, and server side java...

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Farstand Windows

This a easy to use commercial cgi programmes for various applications It is focused on simplicity and functionality .Offers a collection of easy to...

By: Farstand Homepage



It is a saite thet helps new programmers learn the basics of C++, MFC and migrate from Visual Basic. CSpot has easy to understand tutorials, forums...

By: CSpot Homepage


Computer Science Tutor

This website offers a variety of programming resources including C and C++.

By: computer science Homepage

Freeware is a tutorial resource indexing site with several C and C++ programming articles. Besides the usual basic articles in C and C++,...

By: Muthukumar Veluswamy Homepage

Freeware - Win32, C++, VC++ resources

Visitors who are interested in gaining programming as well as theoretical knowledge in C and C++ can use this site. This site offers many tutorials...

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CGI machine

Users can utilize this website to get a knowledge of various CGI applications. This site also offers forums for the visitors which increases the...

By: Trojan Intermedia Homepage


C++ Home

This site has many tutorials put into very powerful database. Also has code, news, links to other C/C++/C# sites, interviews with programmers,...

By: Ilia Yordanov Homepage


C ++ Boost

The Boost web site provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The emphasis is on libraries which work well with the C++ Standard...

By: M. Riess Homepage


ActiveXperts SMS and Pager Toolkit 3.I

Add SMS and Paging capabilities to your applications, scripts, web pages and programs. / Messages can be sent through SMSC provider using a...

By: Bart Jonkman Homepage