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Calling Stored Procedures from ASP.NET and VB.NET

Step-by-step tutorial to write Stored Procedures for ASP.NET

By: Macronimous Homepage


Working with Frames in .NET

Working with Frames in .NET is an article where you can clearly understand frames and how to work with frames in ASP.NET. The author breaks about...

By: Scott Rosa Homepage


The SQL Server Transact-SQL User-Defined Function of the Week

T-SQL user defined functions are explained in the weekly newsletter clearly. These user defined funtions are added to the SQL Server database which...

By: Novick Software Homepage


Search engine friendly URLs using ASP.NET (C#.NET)

This article explains how to convert the database-driven query string containing links to search-engine friendly ones.

By: Faisal Khan Homepage

Freeware is created for people who use Microsoft .NET Framework. There is discussion board for subject related topics. This site was...

By: Doug Seven Homepage


Displaying Browser Capabilities in ASP.NET

Displaying Browser Capabilities in ASP.NET is a web based tutorial in which author describes the method of detecting browser capability in ASP.NET....

By: Manohar Kamath Homepage


Design Patterns Tutorial

An article that briefly describes commonly used Design Patterns,- Singleton, Factory Method, Adapter, Proxy, Decorator, Composite, Observer, MVC,...

By: Faisal Khan Homepage