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ASPShipping 05/18/2007

Live shipping rates from FedEx, UPS and USPS.

By: Nathan Rice Homepage


Using an XML Database for Users 1

This code basically shows how to implement a simple XML database to validate user logins.

By: Tanwani Anyangweaaaa Homepage


RSS Content Feed

This is a xml program which is capable of sharing users webcontents and head lines. This program has the ability to transfer XSL stylesheets as XML...

By: Telepro Homepage


Chilkat XML 1.2.2001

Chilkat XML has an Auto fix property and fixes errors in XML. This parser is non-validating, less memory intensive and the API is much simpler....

By: Chilkat XML Homepage


GA's - AWS Amazon Content At Your Site.

GA's Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a tool to display content from on your Website based on search query. Properly configured and executed...

By: Gurgen Alaverdianaaaa Homepage



This is a xml application that displays the amazon contents to the users websites. Users have the posibility of earning upto 10 % commission if a...

By: Gurgensvbstuff Homepage