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The VideoLab is a set of components, based on OpenWire 3.x for fast video processing. They allow fast complex video manipulations with zero lines of program code.
VideoLab supports both the old fashion Win32 API (VFW), Audio ACM and DirectShow (DirectX), and even allows if needed any mixture of them. The developer can choose to go with any of them, to use both, or can switch from the one to the other at any moment. The components hide the complexity of both approaches, and make them look almost identical from the users prospective.

The library is fully multithreaded, utilizes well modern multi-core systems, and runs at full native performance.

VideoLab contains over 60 components for:

Video Capture - captures analog or digital video sources like FireWire (IEEE1394) cameras, DV camcorders, USB web cams, IP cameras, TV cards, PCI composite cards, USB devices, with or without audio.
Video Out - Send video to camcorders or external rendering cards like BlackMagic DeckLink.
Video Recording - Records in AVI or WMV, (VFW, DirectShow, and Windows Media Encoder).
Video Filters - large number of filters for gamma correction, basic edge detection, noise removal, image adjustments and more.
Geometric Transformations - Rotate, Re-size Shear, Warp, Mirror, the image.
Rate Converter - allows changing the video rate by frame blending.
Video Mixer - mixes two or more video streams with different modes, sizes and rates.
FreeFrame filter - allows usage of the FreeFrame plug-ins.
DMO filter - allows usage of the Direct Media Object(DMO) plug-ins.
User Defined Filters - allow easy implementation of user defined video and audio processing.
Video effects - Transition, fade, and frame diff effects.
Switches - enable, disable and queue video streams.
Compressors - Compress and decompress video streams(VFW and DirectShow).
Masks, Overlays, and transparency - allow applying masks, and mixing videos with transparent colors.
Generators - test generators, video from bitmaps, JPEG or other images generators and user defined generators.
Noise applying generators - apply uniform or Gauss noise over the video stream.
Color splitters - split the video into colors in different colors spaces - RGB, YUV, XYZ, HLS and many more.
Video Histogram - generates video histograms from the video in different colors spaces - RGB, YUV, XYZ, HLS and many more.
Audio Output components - sends audio to output device as speaker, or modem (DirectShow and WaveAPI)
Scope Component - Wave, spectrum, and histogram data plotting component.
Waterfall Component - Waterfall component for Spectrum, and Histogram data representation.
Additional features:
Tuner support: support video capture devices including a TV or radio tuner.
DV Support: includes DV time-code, DV date/time, DV camcorder control, send to DV.
Individual stream control - start and stop each stream individually while mixing them.
Video Creation - Create video from other videos, bitmaps or other image formats
Typical applications:
Video Capture - Record videos from camcorder, Web Cam or IP Camera.
Combine - Mix, merge, split and transition videos.
Convert - converts video from one format to another.
Filtering - perform batch filtering on videos.
Jukeboxes, and Play Lists - play sequences with cool transition effects.
Transparency - mix videos by using transparent colors.
Broadcast - compress and broadcast the video.
Playback - create playback applications.
Video editing - create video editing and analysis applications.
Video streams - watch video from video streaming servers.
Now you can manipulate, combine, capture, analyze and play video with zero lines of code.
Compatible with the .NET versions of VisionLab, AudioLab, SignalLab and PlotLab.


Capture - Histogram Image - Play Record - Video Processing

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