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Xml Sitemap For Oscommerce

An XML Eye for the Database Guy

An XML Eye for the Database Guy is an article in which author elaborates the procedure for utilizing XML in the SQL server to work in .NET frame...


H4H Affiliate Program for osCommerce 1.I

H4H Affiliate Program for osCommerce is a PHP based script designed to support and increase traffics of osCommerce. Affiliates are provided with...


Search Engine Optimization for osCommerce

Search Engine Optimization for osCommerce is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author describes about the process of creating search engine...


Using an XML Database for Users - Part 1

This is an online tutorial that contributes to administrators on utilizing an XML database for user authentication purpose. In this tutorial the...


XML tools for Python

The first two installments of Charming Python by David Mertz provided an overview of working with XML in Python. In the year since those initial...


X-Men - an XML plugin for Eclipse

A XML plugin for eclipse <BR>Planned features: <BR>- multiple views on an XML file <BR>- schema/dtd support for automatic...

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TeXML: an XML syntax for TeX 2.0.2

TeXML is an XML vocabulary for TeX.

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GenRapReports for osCommerce 1.0

GenRapReports for osCommerce is the web environment for manage your custom reports.


RSS Parser and XML Parser for PHP 5+ 1

A full XML Parser for PHP with RSS Parser specific functionsl; think of it as an interface to the PHP DOM which allows easy access to your XML...

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XML Objects for PHP 1.0

XML Objects for PHP makes XML manipulation and parsing of XML faster and easier by offering access to XML documents through an object oriented API.


XML-Export for AllInOne-Office 0.03

Exports orders for the AllInOne-Office to a XML-File.


Amazon XML Search for Associates 1.0

Allow your visitors to search Amazon from your site. This script uses XML for greater control over the display of results.


Tip: Compress XML files for efficient transmission

This tutorial comes with the ability to guide the programmers to make a compression for SOAP coding perfectly to transmit the XML through...


XML Parser for Java 3.0.1

This package which contains classes and methods for parsing, generating, manipulating and validating XML documents is a validating XML parser...


ReXeD - XML Editor for Eclipse 1.0.0

ReXeD is an Eclipse plug-in for editing XML.

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SAXY - A SAX XML parser for PHP 1.0

SAXY is a Simple API for XML (SAX) parser for PHP, written purely in PHP.

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XML database for mobile devices 1.0

XML database engine for mobile devices (iPaq, Palm, etc.

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Native XML Database for .NET 1.0

XmlDBSharp is an Open Source native XML database implemented in C# for the .