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Access And Sql Reserved Words ?

Access And Sql Reserved Words is a multi-platform compatible concise listing of SQL Reserved words to help you along.


Censored Words

This shows a technique for censoring certain words in a string.


Count number of words in a text string 1.0

This will count through the sentences in a section of text and show how many words are contained within it.


Hightlight or Censor words in PHP

Hightlight or Censor words in PHP is a tutorial tool that explains the PHP functions that can be done with text handling. From this program you can...


Link Words 1.0

This function takes a group of words and assigns a link to each one.


Replacing bad words in a string

Bad words in the text fields of a comment form or other ASP forms can be detected and can be removed / replaced with the new words is explained...


Search for words that "sound like" other words in SQL Server

Search for words that "sound like" other words in SQL Server is a tutorial in which the author explians you about how to search the words that have...


SQL Reserved Words

SQL Reserved Words is a web based reference in which users can collect the reserver words that should not be utilized while naming a datbase...


Bag of Words - text analysis system 1.0

Simple text analysis system based on the "Bag of Words" concept of statistical analysis of text.


Cooper's Words Comparer Library 1.0

It is a java library can compute the difference of two words sequence.


PL-SQL code to convert number to words 1.0

This PL-SQL function converts number to words.


Anti prohibited-words software 1.0

The software is designed for the net-surfers whose countries are strict in the control of network information.

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Aspose.words 1.0

The .Net Word document reporting component which enables you to read and write Word documents without utilizing Microsoft Word.


Combine Words 1.0

Generates keyword combinations. Useful for AdWords and other PPC's.


Dictionary (Words Vocabulary) Script

This is an online program which lets the webmasters to permit their visitors to have the facilities to refer the dictionary for any two languages...


Find and replace words in a text string using str_replace 1.0

This will run through a section of text and change all occurrences of a word into something else using the PHP str_replace function.


DLSuperC (DLSupCTW) - Compare Text and Words V1.1

DLSupCTW is a new addition to the DLSuperC family. DLSupCTW is an extension of DLSupC32 that combines both line and word comparison. It displays...

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Reverse Words 1.0.1

Un programa para cambiar el orden de las palabras en una frase o las letras de una palabra u otros algoritmos.

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Word Blitz 1.00

Word Blitz is a great new fun game of scrambled letters. All you have to do is spell words faster than your computer opponent - it's that easy -...

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Porter Stemming Algorithm 2.1

This is a fairly faithful implementation of the Porter stemming algorithm that reduces English words to their stems.