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Word Blitz 1.00

Word Blitz is a great new fun game of scrambled letters. All you have to do is spell words faster than your computer opponent - it's that easy -...

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Porter Stemming Algorithm 2.1

This is a fairly faithful implementation of the Porter stemming algorithm that reduces English words to their stems.


edictionary 2.2

edictionary can be used to view the meaning of English words.

Freeware 4.3

Express and number in words using English, Deutch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano, or Turkish. Automatic or manual selection of language and

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Interpreter & evaluate 2.4.1

Simple program interpreter & evaluete component with source & demo. Key words & syntax: IF ... THEN {...} [ELSE {...}] WHILE ... DO {...} PROCEDURE...

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TLetNum is a component that writes in words the numberspassed as parameters. The result text is writed in spanish.It can be uppercase.It can be...

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Site-Scanner 1.0

This program is a kind of local search-engine that scans an entire site, looking for keyword, -s. Multiple keyword search - just put space in...

Freeware 1.0

Network Virtual Serial Ports Driver is an advanced utility, the purpose of which is to emulate null-modem cable on computers located in a TCP/IP...


@Book 1.0

This script allows face icons in comments, replaces dirty words with a heart icon, and prevents words like "qqqqqqqqqqqqq" from entering the...


@lex Guestbook 3.XII

This is a php program and a guestbook where webmasters can modify the postings made by the user on the website. Here webmaster can modify the...



1-Click is a time saving search program that searches selected multiple search engines by a single click. It has facilities for boolean search...


Aaron's All Engine Expired Domain Finder 1.0

This script searches 11 of the top engines and directories for key words you choose and then checks all of the domains and shows you the ranking of...


Abi-corporation Companybbs 3.37e

Abi-corporation Companybbs is a multi-platform compatible program that has an edit by administrator / edit and delete by administrator feature....


Abiya Chat 2.30e

Abiya Chat is Unix compatible. Auto management of blacklist / The users posting same words continuously and prohibited words will automatically...


Access And Sql Reserved Words ?

Access And Sql Reserved Words is a multi-platform compatible concise listing of SQL Reserved words to help you along.


Ace Meta Data Generator

Ace Meta Data Generator is a JavaScript Meta Data creator that can be added to your webpage to make it as the best search engine saturation. The...


Active Link Engine 6.V

This is an effective program which can be used by the webmasters to run an enhanced search engine and directory link management system on their...



The ActiveKB is the easiest way to create, modify and update your own knowledgebase or frequently asked questions, without the need for technical...


Adding a spellchecker to your website with ASP, JavaScript and Word 2000

If you are hosting a web site that delivers live data and content such as news feeds, stock market updates or catalogs of products and you find...


Ads with Photos

In this script, user interface is intuitive and easy to use, multiple categories and subcategories are allowed for classified ads, users through...