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Virtual Mall Script

Virtual Mall Version 2.2.1

This is a contribution to allow a site owner to run multiple shops in a virtual mall setup.


Virtual Mall-Brazilian-Portuguese 1.0

Virtual Mall Translation to Brazilian portuguese of this module, don't have a english version.


Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Software - iScripts MultiCart

iScripts MultiCart is a unique shopping cart software that supports multiple vendors within a single storefront. Start your own virtual mall or...

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All Best PHP Script Collection at One Place! Mix

Script List: Randomizer Script Free Auto Hits Exchange Script 3X3 Matrix Script Banner Exchange Script Exit Exchange Script Script Jungle Book...


BNB Virtual Card Creator 1.0

Easy to install and customize virtual card script. Supports an unlimited number of card creation pages, midi music, card preview, background colors...


BNB Virtual Cards ?

BNB Virtual Cards is a Unix compatible easy to install and customize virtual card script. Supports an unlimited number of card creation pages, midi...


"Webman" Website Generator

A very nice CGI program which can generate and host Websites / Virtual Mall Shopfronts instantly based on the data submitted from a standard input...


CliServ Web Community 0.65

The CliServ Web Community is a PHP based virtual community script which allow the users to access their accounts through a web server. It can also...


Opt-in Safelist System

The Opt-in Safelist System is a virtual community script which has the ability to create a constant flow of your e-mail adverts going out to...


PHP Disc

The PHP Disc is a virtual community script written using PHP and requires MySQL for storing all the information. You will be able to modify the...


Multi-Site eCommerce Platform 1.1

Supports unlimited amount of storefronts, sellers, vendors and products while incorporating all the vital aspects of an online business in one...

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iScripts MultiCart -Multi Vendor Shopping Cart 2.2

Unique shopping cart supports multiple vendors with a single storefront. Virtual mall integrated with the payment gateways, Paypal,...

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Virtual Greeting Card Server Script 2.I

Virtual Greeting Card Server Script is adaptable for smaller upto larger websites to include a postcard system on their sites to enable their...


Php Virtual Live Chat Script 3.0

The world's FIRST stand-alone non-human Virtual Sales Agent enables you to put an automated chat solution on your website WITHOUT having to pay...

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A-VS. Simple Virtual Store 1.III

A-VS. Simple Virtual Store is an e-commerce software designed to generate order forms with HTML pages. This online order processing script is...


Complete PHP Shopping Mall Website

Complete Professional Website with Hosting! | | Your Virtual Shopping Mall is loaded with over 100 retailers that pay YOU huge commissions on every...


Content Tabs script

Use this script to divide long content on your page into "virtual" sections, with each section viewable by clicking on a tab. It's a great way to...


Dansie Shopping Cart Mall Version

Dansie Shopping Cart Mall Version is an online PERL based script for implementing malls. Using this script you will be able to create product...


Dreamweaver Virtual Shopping Ecommerce Plus

Dreamweaver Virtual Shopping Ecommerce Plus is a shopping cart utility with which webmasters would be able to setup online shopping cart with all...


Gchats Virtual Chat 3.0

Gchats Virtual Chat is a full featured ASP based chatting script using which public can chat with others online. Text messge can have customized...