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Vb Project Report On Travel Agency

How to create ASP applications without writing ASP code

... tutorial that elaborates on creating ASP applications ... instructs to use VB project to create web ... suggests that using VB simplifies the work ... author works with VB in this article. The provided sample project can be used ...


IPM (Incyte Project Manager) 0.9.1

IPM (Incyte Project Manager) is a ... to maintain a project list on your websites. 'md5' ... to communicate or report about project results. CSS based ... can be done on homepage itself. Admin ...


Travel Affiliate PHP 4.0

Your Online Travel Agency is loaded with the best travel services on the Internet including online hotel booking, flight ... to the most traveled cities around the ... business and personal travel such as Hilton ... savings over traditional travel agencies without any ...


Checkout/Checkup/Report 1.0

This project aims to create ... its tests and report on the results. Initially, it will focus on Perl modules/apps but ...


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WebReport 3

This project focus on the html/excel/chart report generation, written with ... Data source of report is from RDB ... to those j2ee projects need to deal with reports creation.


Keyword Search Report 1.2

... can view a report on all the data from Admin. The report is formatted to ... all other Admin reports.Installation only takes a few ...


FasterExcelReports 1.0.0617.beta1

The faster excel reports project base on apache-poi-hssf ... the faster excel reports like the face ... a complicated excel report.

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Antido's Counter

... and visitors. This online tool is capable ... generating detailed statistical report on the total visitors ...



... the usage of VB scripting edition on Unix. This article says that VBA is available for ... ADO has allowed VB programmers to reach ... about using Chili!ASP on Unix for implementing ...


ASP Report 4.IV

ASP Report is a powerful web reporting tool built in ... it displays web report on the web page ... and delete the reports from database through ... pagination, automated sorting reports, report formatting, criteria fields ...


ASP Stats Pro Site Counter

... is a powerful online counter used for ... who are currently online, top referers of ... website, unique visitors report, their country name ... displays every day report on the screen.


ASPBanner Unlimited 8.x

... System that runs on Microsoft Based Web ... continues to improve on a regular basis ... code written in vbscript or depending on the version. There ... Dll's to install on the web server ... for that matter. Once ASPBanner is running ... Banner rotation solution on the market today ...

Shareware's Product Quotation Generator

... is an add on utility of the ... a product quote report on the list of ...


CodeAve's Hit Counter (With A DB)

... a hit counter on their website. This ... store the track report on them.


dgTree 2.0

... company, management, and project structures on the web. You ...



... in generating expense reports for all their ... expenses, creates detailed report on your expenses, provides ... in off and online with palm based PDA's on windows.


Extending Python and Zope in C

... create a makefile (on UNIX) or MSVC++ project files (on Windows). Before you ask -- Python on Windows is indeed ...


Fortune Replicator

... of extending your online marketing through affiliate ... with a detailed report on the total number ... with realtime downline reports. This perl based ...


FTP Checker 1.III

... your FTP is online or offline. This ... and works efficiently on all FTP's to report on the FTP, like ... realtime status as online or offline etc ...


Instant Report! 1.0

Instant Report is a PHP ... generate a detailed report on the records. This ... to get those reports as executable HTML ...