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Use Case Diagram For Ticket Reservation

Ticket Booking Script 1.0

PHP/MySQL based ticket reservation/ booking system that can be used on any website ... event or service tickets online. Installing the ticket booking script on ... would make purchasing tickets easy and fun for users. On the other ... protected administration page. Ticket Booking script is ... of events, manage reservations and bookings, upload ... able to buy tickets online, see availability ... actiive selection map. TICKET BOOKING SCRIPT Essentials: * Simple Online Ticket Purchase * Easy Ticket Sales Management * ...

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EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5

EventStudio is a CASE tool for Sequence Diagram, Call Flow, Message Sequence Chart, Use Case and Process Workflows ... make it suitable for Real-time Embedded ... and automatically generate diagrams in PDF and ...

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Stivasoft Ticket Support System 3.0

... and easy-to use help desk software for webmasters, web designers, or end-users. Use the Ticket Support Script on ... source files or use the support ticket system “as-is”. The nice and user-friendly interface makes it easy for end-users to customize the Ticket Support Script by ... customized and multilingual user interface. Ticket Support Script is ... admin back-end. Use the Stivasoft's ticket support system to ... to the support ticket software. Add canned messages for faster response. Filter messages and reorder tickets. Customized email notifications ... members and customers for new replies right ... replies to a ticket. With a developer ... of the support ticket system and you ...

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Legal Case Management 1.0

The legal case management (LCM) system ... a software aimed for use by not-for-profit legal advice ... tasks: - To store cases in a database ... information to each case, - To manage statistical ...


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Beginning JavaScript

Suitable for learning basic programming for Web browsers, Beginning ... browser objects like forms and windows. A running case study for a trivia game ... including how to use the Microsoft Script ...


Esvon MediaGateway 0.7

... and opens stream for playing, plug-in ... get title and ticket. After that plug-in sends client's ticket to the communication ... on client. If ticket is valid CI ... content. In other case, when user ticket is invalid, CI ... in disconnects that user. In addition, client ... application, designed specially for Windows 2000. MediaGateway ...


Flextic 1.002

... function, easy to use client interface for your visitors, manage ticket, FAQ, news, newsletter ...


Ticket Operator 1.IV

Ticket Operator software (Trouble Ticketing System) is the ... help desk solution for small to medium ... simple, easy to use web interface for managing and tracking ...


User interface logic in use case modeling

... gray area between user interfaces, system interfaces, and use case descriptions and also ... requirements gathering through use case modeling. It discusses ... of perspective in use case modeling. Also it ... made to work for you. It can ...


User Reservations System 1.V

User Reservations System is a Unix compatible designed for a site owner ... like to have users apply for a reservation. The use of it could ...


Probabilistic Database Benchmark Project 1.0

... and query generators, use case specifications, and ultimately a benchmark for probabilistic databases.


CASE Tool for Linux 1.0

... free , easy to use, quality , open source CASE Tool for the Linux Platform ...

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InrecoLAN Use-Case Machine 1.0

Development framework for implementing desktop/web applications directly from use case scenarios. Generalization, inclusion ... extension relations between use cases are also supported ...


TRUC - Tracking Requirements & Use Cases 0.12.0

... web-based tool for requirement and use case tracking. It has ... discussions, version control, usecase history, build and ... of requirements & use-cases to releases and ...

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UC Designer 1.0

Tool for creating structured use case descriptions and generate ...

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UMLOnline 1.0

... application into the diagram editing software family ... implemented an online diagram editing platform which supports UML class diagrams and use case diagrams.

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ODBC Explorer 1.2.0

... an easy-to-use database tool for Win32. It offers many powerful features for database administrators and ... data). Entity-Relationship diagram.Win32 platform based ...

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SmartDraw 7.0

... complete easy-to-use drawing tool for business, technical, and ... timelines, presentations, business forms, floor plans, networks ... images. Download SmartDraw for a Free Evaluation ...

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OO-Structure Maker 1.0

... Maker is a CASE-tool for object description of ... Maker is a CASE-tool that provides ... a ready-to-use source code in ... a Modified property for every class, properties ... the Assign method for every class, adding ... OO-Structure Maker uses UML-like language ...

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Timeit module wrapper 1.3

... simple, easy to use wrapper function for doing quick tests ... a simple test case using timeit for the first time ... an easy to use interface for it. Language: Python