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Tool For Sending Items On Mafia Wars

sqladmin tool with XML support 0.2.2

sqladmin is a lightweight java/swing tool for sending queries and perform direct data edit on tables.

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This is a program using which webmasters can obtain a news publishing system on their websites. This program will be of much use for the webmasters...


PlaySMS - SMS Gateway 0.7

This is a simple tool for sending and recieving SMS messages through mobile phones. This program enables you to send SMS either to a single or...


PopCardPro 1.1.1

A tool for sending multiple eGreetings cards to recipients loaded from a CSV text file. The greeting card appears in the recipient's email inbox.


Project Q 1.0

Project Q is a news program based on ASP which is an essential tool for news management on the websites. This program helps users to modify the...


SemNotes rc

SemNotes is a semantic note taking tool for KDE4, built on top of Nepomuk-KDE.

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PhpSQLadmin(Mammo) 1.0

Mammo is web application database tool for manage data on Ms SQL Server, like Enterprise Manager , phpmyadmin

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EPAL Scenario Testing System 1.0

The purpose of the EPAL Scenario Testing System is to provide a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that gives the EPAL user an easy-to-use tool for...

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Propel - PHP object persistence 1.0.0beta1

Propel is an object persistence (object relational mapping) tool for PHP5 based on Apache Torque.

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GAJET 0.1.20070723

Automatic test generation tool for Java, based on genetic algorithm.

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FunHabbo Emailer 1.0

Funhabbo Emailer is a tool for sending pms over the network "Funhabbo" an Norwegian site similar to many english ones


EurekaLog 4

EurekaLog is an add-in tool for giving your application (GUI, Console, Web, ...) the ability to catch every exception, generating a detailed log of...

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EmailMover - an Advanced ASP Autoresponder 2.II

An Advanced ASP AutoResponder and Email Campaign Manager that runs on your website. Professional features. Fully integrated Wysiwyg Html Editor....


FileCache Component 2.I

Webmasters can utilize this fast and efficient tool for managing the files on the website. This component is fast and it sets the MIME type before...


Image Gallery Pro 1

Image Gallery Pro is Image Gallery Software/ Photo Gallery Software written in .NET for storing and displaying multimedia galleries of images,...


Mailing Lists 0.5.1

Mailing Lists is a PHP embedded script that support CMS 0.9.3-1 or greater on PHPwebsites. This tool implements sending mass mails to the same...


npIDB 2.0.0

This is a database programme created to track the items on the online petsite Actually this programme was built for neopets fan sites,...


QuickList 2.V

This program can be used by the users to build a selection list on their websites. Users can also build a list followed by a sub list which can...


Site-Update 1.IV

Site Update, a perl oriented news engine that provides features to maintain your news section. Incorporated admin provides a web based form to...



ToolTipMenu is a web based java applet specially designed to display a horizontal or vertical tooltip for menu items in the users website. And also...