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Text To Doc Convert On Linux Using Php

Active TTS Component 4.0.2012.802

... you ever want to convert text to audio? Active TTS ... want. It can convert text to mp3, text to wma or text to wav on the fly using the state of art text to speech (TTS) system. It converts text to mp3 or text to wma directly without ... have full control on the quality of ... a simple way to use. Active TTS is specially designed to convert text to audio file. Active TTS can convert MP3 to swf (Macromedia flash ... sites easily Directly convert text to wav, text to mp3, text to wma, text to ogg, text to vox, text to au and text to aiff format on the fly without temporary files created. Convert text to speech at high ... when speaking or converting text Support SAPI4 or SAPI5 compliant voices. Convert mp3 to Macromedia flash format, so you can convert text to swf and add mp3 stream speech to web site in realtime SupportbBatch text to audio conversion Support ... Delphi, JScript, Perl, PHP , VC++ are provided. Provide TTS Service tool to make text to speech conversion in ... Voices are important to a text-to-speech software. There ... of free voices on the internet for ...

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Admin user interface: adding and deleting users

... tutorial which teaches to build a admin interface using php for adding and ... for the users to make a form ... The author explains to the users about ... which has two text boxes one with labeled username another for password to add users. This ... provides info about php admin code to the users to learn and use ...


eDocEngine ActiveX/.NET 2.0

... a generic electronic document creation component suite ... eDocEngine enables you to create rich electronic documents in over 18 ... set of API to easily format any ... of content elements to enable you to achieve the precise ... of your electronic documents and reports. Created documents can then be automatically delivered directly to users' web browsers ... attachments or saved to disk. Actionable and ... be easily added to created documents to provide interactivity and ... the creation of documents in PDF, RTF, HTML, XHTML, EXCEL, TEXT, CSV, Quattro Pro ... DIF, SYLK and Text can be directly output to the Windows? Clipboard ... require any DLLs to be deployed for creation of documents in any of ... formats. Benefits of using eDocEngine in business ... that require users to perform actions on documents using the built-in ... workload and time-to-market using a common programming ... for creating all document formats.


Security and Sessions in PHP

You want to secure your pages on www from the ... tutorial describes how to provide security with session using PHP. The security can ... can provide security to your files. From ... and simple method to protect your files ...


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dmx485 - DMX-on-RS-485 interface library 485.0.0.5

... library and associated tools for DMX-512 communication via USB-to-RS-485 adapters, using standard UNIX and Linux serial interfaces (patches to remove dependence on linux/serial.h welcome). Uses ...

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Aem Jspixelatemenu 1.0

... and all them to be displayed and swapped to specified images on rollover (using pixelation filter in ...


Alternating row colors with PHP and MySQL

... tutorial explaining how to alternate table row colors using PHP and MySQL.


Building an opt-in email list

... list is a PHP based tutorial. This article guides you to send an email to your clients, customers etc using PHP. This PHP tutorial teaches you how to validate the email ... an idea about using functions to opt-in email ... useful for the PHP beginners.


PHPtags CMS 0.93

... is then deployed on websites using PHP custom tags. It ... setting up member-only login-required sections ...


Redirecting the Web Browser with PHP

... guides you how to redirect your web browser using PHP. You just give ... website address where to link as shown ...


Tuning Apache and PHP for Speed on Unix

... compilation of tips on how to optimize Apache on Unix for PHP and CGI programs ... also be applied to Perl and Python ...


Using PHP and MySQL

... basics of how to add, edit, delete ... with some sample PHP code functions and ... listing with some PHP programmes for easy ... This articles helps to understand how to access a MySQL database using PHP easily. Useful for PHP programmers.


EsTexte 0.1

EsTexte is a text-to-HTML based on an intuitive text format akin to various wiki formats and ascii text files. Written in ...

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Rymdmans Custom Guestbook System 1.0

... making it easier to make guestbooks and dairys using php and mysql.



Features:PDF to Text software can convert pdf files to text files on the fly Support ... platform, 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Batch convert PDF files to text files Convert PDF files to simple HTML files, only include text and coordinate information ... you can analyze text info very easy ... property, not depend on any third party technology Auto align text columns in table ...

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HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro 3.0.0

Convert HTML to Word fast and easily with our tool! The HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro helps you to convert: HTML to DOC, HTML to RTF and text with images, tables or HTML files to Text. Support conversion of multiple HTML to Word files at once. Has 3 mode of converting. Average speed of converting is 10 files ... supports XHTML, HTML to DOC converting with CSS styles ... XHTML or HTML documents directly and creates DOC, RTF, Text. HTML To Word - Create a Word document from an HTML ...

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Voicent VoiceXML Gateway 6.0.1

... development platform based on W3C VoiceXML. Supports text-to-speech, voice recognition, DTMF tones for both inbound ... sample code available online. Free download at ... C++, Perl, and PHP languages. Applications such ... be created without using TAPI programming. Supports text-to-speech, voice recognition, DTMF tones for both inbound ... in the SDK to accelarate development process ... support. Included are one copy of AutoReminder ... must have SDK toolkit for Voice XML ...

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CoolSpeech 4.1

Welcome to CoolSpeech, the award-winning text-to-speech program! It ... just typed, read text from Clipboard and documents, tell the time ...

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This is $poster mod 1.0.0

... adds the ALT Text to Avatars. This is Postername. Language: PHP


DBForms from MSAccess to PHP+PostgreSQL 1.0.0

... from MS Access to PHP + PostgreSQL is an application to convert Microsoft Access databases ... MS Access Forms to AJAX based WEB page using PHP and PostgreSQL. Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to Web page, filling ... have an opportunity to place your MS ... save your forms to a local folder ... from MS Access to PHP + PostgreSQL supports ... that allows you to make language special ... The software performs converting of Primary keys ... is an ability to save data to PHP script or to a dump file that allows you to get over the restrictions on access to PostgreSQL database if ... support allows you to save all your ... organize application work using Interactive (GUI) mode ... Work with the converter is specially divided ... All necessary help documentation is provided with ... You are welcome to evaluate the program ... We encourage you to try our unique converter and place your ... time and efforts. Using DBForms from MS Access to PHP+ PostgreSQL you get ... performance, real pleasure to work with.

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