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This is a set of 4 applets illustrating, in the simplest terms, how sequential animation is acheived via loaded images. Each successive applet...


Elements of Programming With Perl

The book is studded with examples, exercises, tips, and tricks gleaned from years of "speaking Perl," but it avoids being prescriptive, and his...


Flash 5 Hands-on Training

Jump in immediately and get your hands dirty with Flash 5 Hands-On Training. The book?s project-based exercises, modeled on acclaimed teacher Lynda...


HeadCount 1.0

This program will let teachers log the number of students that will be attending an event, or just daily attendance numbers. The admin can set up a...


Learning Web Design : A Beginner's Guide to HTML, Graphics, and Beyond

In Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, Graphics, and Beyond, author Jennifer Niederst shares the knowledge she's gained from years of...


PHPTeacher VI.35

This is our PopScript PHPTeacher. PHP Teacher is a powerful rating and reviews script that allows users to post reviews on their favorite...


RandomQuiz 1.0 - Beta

A CGI random quiz generator. Teacher/admin may add to a pool of questions and multiple-choice/true-false answers with the admin interface. Through...


Picture Dictionary 0.0.3

A learner may use Picture Dictionary to search for pictures according to criteria including location, tags, label and licenses, also allowing a...

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Schooladmin 1.4

Web based school administration software allowing teacher and students access to grades, absence records and reports.

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buzzard 0.0.1

Teacher\'s scheduling application, kind of groupware to plan lessons.

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STM: Student/Teacher Manager 1.0

Student Center is a web based student and teacher portal with the ability to organize homework assignments, display news, and show other relevant...

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AppDemo Freeware

AppDemo Freeware is a revolutionary new program to create demos of Windows based software applications. Create demos for software evaluation,...


ICT Screen To AVI with Source

ICT Screen To AVI 2.0 is a VCL component that allows you to create AVI movies of the screen. It supports 16 color or above. Captures Desktop or...

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ICT ScreenMovie

ICT ScreenMovie 1.0 is a VCL/DLL component that allows you to create AVI movies of the screen. It supports 16 color or above, mouse capture, audio...

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ICT ScreenMovieAX

Screen capture OCX/DLL component for Delphi, VB or other languages that support ActiveX controls. Saves screen images to AVI file format. Add...

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Pre E-Learning Portal 1.0

Pre E-Learning Portal is perfect educational portal system. With complete Organizations, Teachers and Student modules.

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iBDC 1.01

iBDC is a Cocoa application on Mac OS X for Chinese people to learn English interatively.



Docebo is an Open Source e-Learning platform (LMS and LCMS) used in corporate and higher education markets.


wordcircle 2.17

wordcircle is a course management tool and learning community for teachers, students and those looking to create and conduct online web courses.


Simple CoUrses 0.1

Simple CoUrses application allows the on line administration of your school courses.