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Synopsis Of Mobile Banking Project On

ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional

Barcode Professional Mobile WebControl generates on-fly barcode images for ASP.NET Mobile Web Applications. It ... image for each mobile device in the ... format by each of them.

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AFCommerce 1.I

... full and complete online store with both ... interface. The AFCommerce project is one of the newest and fastest growing communities on the internet for ... to. The purpose of the AFCommerce project is to break ... configure. Afcommerce runs on the powerful PHP ... able to run on any PHP 4 ... web server running on Linux, Solaris, BSD ...


ASP.NET Mobile Controls: Tutorial Guide:

... the basic concepts of mobile development, and walks ... through the basics of WAP, WML, and the concepts of devices with limitations ... The core section of the book goes on to teach ASP ... how to create mobile controls to produce ... suitable for viewing on one of these devices. The ... NET programmer all of the necessary concepts ...



... camelcityClassifieds program provides on-line classifieds which ... with every aspect of your database project, from obtaining and ... to implement an on-line classified ad ...


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Free Site 1.III

... Site 1.3 project was created to ... to complete an offer and then have a certain amount of their friends complete an offer as well. Once the person has ... each and every offer members complete. / ... monitor the progress of referrals, as well as their offer status. Members may ... or delete prize offerings, add, modify, or delete offers to provide to ... change the status of members, place "cheaters" on hold, and manually apply offer credits. The Administration ...


IN and OUT PRO 3.0

... is useful in office and project administration. This script ... customize the appearance of members status table on it's color, size ... / employee is online / inside the office. Sorting of member list can ... can provide comments on message field. Funtions are demonstrated online in an easier ...


Jax UpdateInfo 2.I

... manage a list of updates for any software project on your website. The ... user a list of all updates that ... current installed version of the software. Status ...


OmniChex Web 4.0

Manage info on your website in ... with a browser, mobile phone or Pocket ... Increase the value of your hosted, personal ... checklists. Access OmniChex online securely from your web browser, or on the go using your mobile phone. Also access OmniChex accounts offline with your Pocket ... Customize the look of OmniChex Web with ... servers supported. Installs on websites with Perl/CGI ... OmniChex Web works on Internet Explorer version ... Pocket PC installs on Pocket PC powered mobile devices including PDA's ... smart phones. OmniChex Mobile Phone works on any phone with ...


TrueDesk 2.1.2000

... your company to offer web-based e ... access and collaborate on meetings, tasks, journals, projects or documents using ... Tasks, Notes, Journal, Projects, File Storage, Photo ... calendar, tasks, documents, projects and photos via ... to the needs of mobile workers, remote sites and all forms of corporate mobility. Affordability ... with the kind of advanced software solutions ... have thought were only available to big ... Anyone interested in offering fifth generation, multi ...


Wapaka 2.0

... is originally based on Sun Microsystems' CLDC ... across different platforms on any kind of mobile or embedded device ...


Smart WorkTime Tracker 1.29Pro

... for intellectual tracking of time spent working on Delphi, VC++, C++ Builder projects.Smart Worktime Tracker ... using while working on your projects and logs all ... working in each of them. You can ... your applications by project so that you'll ... you spent working on individual projects even if you ... switch to another project. After the work ...

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OpenMAD 0.0.1

The OpenMAD project aims to provide versatile software implementations of mathematical models based on the theory of differential games which ... long term effects of war. Newtonian ... during all stages of simulation. Requirements: · ...


OSMWP Open Source Mobile Widget Platform 1.0

The Open Source Mobile Widget Platform is ... side) for distribution of mobile widgets on Java feature phones ...


Diagnostic tools for NIC 1.0

This is a project on development of Diagnostic tools for ...


GlowMuck 1.0

... the current maintainers of this project have run out of time to spend on it. GlowMuck is ... is a fork of the Fuzzball 5 ... itself a fork of TinyMUCK 2.2 ...

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Biblos 1.0

... is a Python project for managing your ... It takes care of placing the item on your shelf, marking ...


World of Rings 1.0

This project will advance my original RingWorld project through the use of distributed processing of website content based on the use of multiple servers, allowing for only PHP that's ... the combersome requiremnet of content


Desktop As Service 1.0

Aim of the "DASe" project is to create commonly accepted specification of standard for loosely ... two key components: On-line Agnostic interface ...


ThinknLearn 1.0

This project was designed for ... in the area of mobile science inqiury using ontologies. This mobile web application 'ThinknLearn' uses ontology-based scaffolding to ... In this application, ontologies are designed using ... the technical architecture of this application for ...


The QPascal Project 1.0

The QPascal Project is an endeavour ... a new generation of development tools based on the object-oriented ...

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