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Sublime Text Plugin

ConyEdit for Windows 1.0.8

A cross-editor plugin, a new way to edit code or text, based on clipboard monitoring and command line parsing. With ConyEdit running in the...

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Advpanorama 8

Advpanorama is a multi-platform compatible very flexible panorama applet which pans images through 360 degrees. No plugin is necessary. Your can...


ASPEdit 2.0

This is an online content editing solution that helps users to create and edit contents on their websites. Web developers can create toolbar items...


HanengCharts 2.VI

This chart utility can intergrate twelve different types of charts to webpages. These charts are browser and platform independent and doesnt need...


NP Subscriber PRO 2.0

This script includes all the features of NP Subscriber and adds unlimited lists, batch subscription, Unix-based OS timeout prevention, HTML and...


Phorm Php Form Processor 3.0

Phorm Php Form Processor is multi-platform compatible. Created as a simple replacement for cgiemail, Phorm has grown to include a wide range of...


Photo Gallery 2.0 2.0

Features include: easy plugin with single snippet, installation wizard, multi-level categories, random thumbnails block, latest photos, slide show,...


Tiff Server for IIS

Tiff Server for IIS is an ASP program that can be used to provide web based delivery for scanned images. You can create TIFF views for the scanned...


TWiki 1.XII.01

TWiki offers features like full text search, automatic link generation, web form handling, email notification of changes, SSI, file attachments to...


MosSnippet 1.0

MosSnippet is a plugin (mambot) to insert text, html or php code in content.


jQuery.hilite 1.0

A comprehensive jQuery plugin that provides various text highlight capabilities.



Vrapper is an eclipse plugin which acts as a wrapper for existing eclipse text editors to provide a Vim-like input scheme for moving around and...

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Eclipse CSV Editor 1.0

A CSV editor plugin for Eclipse which edits CSV files visually and through source text.

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idea_stringmanip 1.2.0

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for text manipulation:-Un/Escape Java text-Un/Escape JavaScript text-Un/Escape HTML text-Trim text-Trim all spaces-Remove all...

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tadsdev 0.1.2

tadsdev is a plugin for Eclipse IDE which adds the support for TADS (Text Adventure Development System) v3.

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Yamlak YAML Editor plugin for Eclipse 1.0

Yamlak YAMl Editor is a plugin for Eclipse IDE providing a text editor for YAML files.


APTEditor 1.0.6

An Eclipse plugin for the APT (Almost Plain Text) format.

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notepad++ plugin php script engine 1.0

Plugin for text editor Notepad + +(both.

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Caditor 1.0

Caditor is a portable tabbed text editor featuring encryption, syntax highlighting, autocomplete, line numbering and a functional plugin system.

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Gedit source code builder plugin 0.6

The Gedit "builder" plugin is a plugin for the Gnome Text Editor that allows you to compile source code and then click on the compiler...

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