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TPJWdwState & TPJRegWdwState 4.3.1

The window state components can save and restore a window's size, positionand state (minimized, maximized or normal) between program executions....

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TSaveCheckState 2.01

TSaveCheckState is a deceptively simple component that can save and restore the Check State of all items in any TMainMenu or TPopupMenu...

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Webix Tree 1

JavaScript tree widget with two-and three-state checkboxes modes, dynamical loading, drag-n-drop, opportunity to restore the tree-state and inline...

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Zipcode State Mismatch 2.0

Either the zipcode is wrong or the State is wrong.


Customer Mismatched State & Zipcode Report 2.2.1

It will search for both so either the zipcode is wrong or the State is wrong.


Geographic Codes & Names 1.0

This PHP class provides lookup lists of country and state abbreviations and support functions.


How to implement state-dependent behavior 1.2

An object in a program frequently has an internal "state", and the behavior of the object needs to change when its state changes.


Event driven programming 1.3

Event driven programming script demonstrates how state driven programming can be done in python.


Finite State Machine (FSM) 1.0

This script shows a Finite State Machine (FSM) that can be used for small parsing tasks.


ThlRockerSwitch 1.1

ThlRockerSwitch is a very flexible software rocker switch control. Its functionality is similar to a CheckBox control. Instead of a...

Freeware 1.4

TEuroCalc is a Euro calculating component for up to two currencies simultaneously. You can convert Euro in member state s currency and vice versa....

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Rack controls 1.03

RackControls contains five components: TLEDButton: Beveled speedbutton with a state-indicating LED.
TButtonPanel: Panel with...


.NET Barcode Professional 3.0

Barcode for Windows Forms .NET. Linear and 2D Symbologies. Visual Studio support. Crystal Reports .NET Support. Save barcode images in image files...

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25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style

25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style is a web based tutorial that deals with step by step method that have to be adapted to maximize the...


3-state Hightlight menu effect

This is a 3 state menu effect, appicable to any table. The table cell in question "hovers up" when the mouse moves over it, and depresses when...


5th Avenue Software 1.I

Robust, template-based shopping cart and online catalog builder. This software was developed for the creative web designer who wants complete...


A web based dialup Internet application

Now the webmasters could connect and disconnect a dial up internet session and they could also check up the timing of the connection. This article...


abarcar Shop/Quote System 5.145

abarcar Shop/Quote System is both a Unix and Linux compatible content management, shop, quote solution all rolled into one. Items in preview can be...


Active Server Bricks 1.0

The result of that work is Active Server Bricks the Site Building Components Library we are presenting on this page. It is based on Microsoft ASP...


Active Tri-state Image Roll-overs ?

Active Tri-state Image Roll-overs is a multi-platform compatible script that dumps the ugly 'gray button' Reset and Submit on forms -- this script...