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Sqlite Diff

SQLite Diff 1.18

SQLite Diff is a graphical comparison tool for SQLite database files, comparing both the schema and the data. Schema results include comparisons of...

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SQLite Compare 2.3.843.8

SQLite Compare compares the schema and data of two SQLite database files and quickly locates the differences in tables, triggers, views or any...

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AdeptSQL Diff 1.00

With AdeptSQL Diff, you can visually compare two MS SQL Server databases, then produce and execute difference scripts for a choosen part or for the...

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DBSync for SQLite & MySQL 1.0.0

DBSync for SQLite & MySQL converter and synchronizer provides SQLite to MySQL and MySQL to SQLite data migration and synchronization with the...

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DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL 1.0.0

DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL allows two-way conversion from SQLite to MySQL or from MySQL to SQLite. You can convert to MySQL Dump and to PHP...

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DBConvert for SQLite and MSSQL 1.0.0

DBConvert for SQLite and MS SQL is a tool for a quick and accurate database conversion from SQLite database to MS SQL server. You can convert to MS...

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DBSync for SQLite and MSSQL 1.0.0

DBSync for SQLite and MSSQL converter and synchronizer provides SQLite to MS SQL and MS SQL to SQLite data migration and synchronization with the...

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Navicat for SQLite 9.0.7

Navicat (SQLite Client - a GUI Tool for SQLite admin and Access to SQLite conversion)

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dbExpress driver for SQLite 3.7

dbExpress driver that defines common interface for access to SQLite from Delphi

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PHP unified diff patcher 0.1

PHP unified diff patcher is a powerful class which allows to create and merge unified diff patches into any file.


Navicat for SQLite (Mac OS X) 11.1.5

Navicat for SQLite - powerful and strong SQLite GUI database tool

40 B

Navicat for SQLite (Linux) 11.1.6

Navicat for SQLite - powerful and strong SQLite GUI database tool

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LiteDAC 2.6

SQLite Data Access Components for Delphi

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Import/export of text files (CSV, XLS, XML, DBF, ASCII, SQL) from/to MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, OleDB...

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Code Compare 4.2

Code Compare - free file and folder diff & merge tool, Visual Studio integrated

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Date.diff.PHP 0.1

Date.diff.PHP is multi-platform compatible. This is a simple script to calculate the difference between two dates and express it in years, months...


date-diff.php 0.1

date-diff.php is a simple script based on php and is a date and time displaying program. With the help of date-diff users can calculate the...


DWebPro 4.2.2001

This is a php based program that allows users to create a web server. This server supports database such as SQlite, Ms access, Firebird. Features...


Easy Web Server 1.VI

This is an useful package that has been developd for instant web publishing and development. EWS is a package configured with Apache 2 and PHP 4....


ezSQL Database Class I.25

Ezsql is a php scripted database tool. This very useful to work with databases. Very easy to use mysql, InterBase or FireBird, Oracle8, SQLite...