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Software Team Management

Defect Agent Defect and Bug Tracking Software 3.0

Defect Agent is get-to-the point defect tracking software for software development teams. Track bugs and enhancement suggestions. General features...

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MLM Magic 2.0

Self replicating MLM team management software with full administrative options that keeps downline in order.



TrueUpdate is a software development tool for adding a "check for updates" feature to software applications. Distribute software updates to...

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ProjectMessager 1.0

The software is use to manage Project ,it like MSN and MsProject, one can use send message/mail,chat,suit for project team management.


Lacart Light 1

Software for management of restaurants and bars.Sales control.Catalog products.

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Easy Projects .NET - Web-based Project Management Software 3.0

Easy Projects .NET - the latest generation web-based project management and tracking system. It is called Easy Projects for a good reason - it was...

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freehotelsoftware 2007

Free Hotel Software - Genuine Free Software

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ScrumRush 1.0

ScrumRush is a software development management application used to assist the Scrum software development methodology.


Automate Link Exchange 2.0.1

This software automates management of a reciprocal link exchange directory. It features reciprocal link checking and link page generation according...


EasyProjects.NET Professional 2.7.2002

EasyProjects.NET - the latest generation web based Project Management & Tracking System. It is called "Easy Projects" for a reason - it was...


Kunagi 0.24.2

Kunagi is a free web-based tool for software project management based on the agile framework Scrum.

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TRAMweb b.0.6

Open Source Web-based Application for System & Software Requirement Management and Traceability

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jProjectManager 1.0

It is targeted to be a complete Java Software Project Management solution.


SynapticCLT 1.0

This application is used with various Software configuration management tools to provide a reminder list before check-ins allowing the check-in...


nhom7_spm 1.0

Software Project Management academic discipline - Faculty of Mathematics - Informatics - Ho Chi Minh University of Natural Sciences - 4th 2008 -...


CRuL - Code Revision Library 0.1.2

An openSource Code Revision Library and Software Project Management system for MulitValue Database Systems.

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Pitmonkey Support System 1.0

Race team management system utilizing PHP, LDAP and MySQL to keep track of team and crew members, race results, track conditions, vehicle...


Vesta Configuration Management System 13.13

Vesta is an advanced software configuration management system.

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Tikal 2009.3.38

Tikal's open source Application Development & Deployment is comprised of fully integrated suites that cover the entire software life-cycle,...

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Sigerar 1.0

Sigerar is a software requirements management tool.

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