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Software Development Tool


TrueUpdate is a software development tool for adding a "check for updates" feature to software applications. Distribute software updates to...

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RGenerateClassTool is a software development tool to help you get your job done faster.

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AutoPlay Media Studio

AutoPlay Media Studio 8 is a software development tool that gives software developers and programmers the ability to create full-featured...

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Simple Test for PHP 1.0beta4

Simple Test is a simple software development tool with which users can navigate through the webpages, test cookies and submit forms easily. Users...


Crt32 - The Delphi Console Unit

Crt32 is a professional software development tool that allows a programmer to do console-mode applications in the 32-bit versions of Delphi, in a...

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Unit Test for C rc

Unit Test for C is a very useful and powerful software development tool for C and C++ programmers.

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Quilt 5

Quilt is a Java software development tool which measures coverage, the extent to which testing exercises the software under test.

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Python Integration Wrapper 1.0

The PIW - Python Integration Wrapper is a software development tool that connects programs written in Java and C++ with the high-level programming...


SwigXmlToCOM - a COM wrapper generator 1.0

SwigXmlToCOM is a software development tool that converts programs written in C or C++ to COM.

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GPLDevKit 0.19

Multiplatform Extreme Programming Software Development Tool using FreePascal.

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AthTek WebAPP Kit 2.2

AthTek WebAPP Kit is a great programming tool for web software development. It works together with popular programming languages and enables...

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ArInstall 2.1.7

ArInstall is an easy-to-use installation development tool for creating compact and professional setups for your applications. It allows you to...

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Easy Install Maker 2.1.8

Easy Install Maker is an easy-to-use installation development tool for creating compact and professional setup applications for your products. It...

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Defect Agent Defect and Bug Tracking Software 3.0

Defect Agent is get-to-the point defect tracking software for software development teams. Track bugs and enhancement suggestions. General features...

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Bopup IM Client SDK 1.0.0

Bopup IM Client Software Development Kit (SDK) is a toolkit for Windows platform that provides documentation, samples and COM components for...

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Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2

Find it EZ Source Code Analysis, the #1 universal software search engine that improves productivity for IT professionals who use databases (schema,...

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DeZign for databases v2.4

Dezign for databases is a database development tool using an entity relationship diagram. It visually supports the lay out of the entities and...


SIBuilder for Delphi 3.2.1

SIBuilder (Small Installation program Builder) is a freeware software installation program creator that creates a stand alone executable software...

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Pascal Analyzer 3.5.4

Pascal Analyzer, or PAL for short, is a unique development tool that measures, checks, and documents your Delphi or Borland Pascal source code. It...

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AthTek WebAPP Kit 1.1

AthTek WebAPP Kit is an advanced web authoring tool for software developers. It can convert C/S type PC programs to B/S type web applications...

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