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SkinCrafter.NET 3.3.4

SkinCrafter.Net can help your .net ... out over the competitors with a unique user interface. Try SkinCrafter free demo today ... is to add skins functionality to your ... you work with C#, VB.Net or Managed C++ SkinCrafter will work for you and change the way your ... forms look. Our skins engine supports wide ... of standard windows controls (common controls) and .net native controls, which ensures the correct skinning of any type ... ready-to-use skins in our gallery ... end-users a choice from a variety ... taste. If not, SkinBuilder application is also ... freeware, and anyone can use it to create own skins. Involve your customers to contribute skins to your software's community and this will ... say you need skins straightaway, but we say that adding skins support to your ... to stay in skins or not.

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SUIPack 5.8

... professional-UI-designed skins?Now you can do it without ... single line of code!SUIPack is a suite of WYSIWYG VCL skin components for Delphi & C++Builder. It provides you the ability to create professional-UI-designed skin and implementations for ... alternative for standard controls, SUIPack provides more additional controls(E.g. non ... window, etc.)The skins for SUIPack are ... provide the UI controls, but also UI ... Features: 60+ visual components 5 built-in skins20+ professional skin files, including new ... to build the skin files into the ... fileProfessional-UI-designed skins from professional UI ... time) Provides stable converting tool to transfer ... ThemeBuilder tool to create your own themes/skins Supports to create non-rectangular forms and controls Supports MSN-Style ... supported DB-Aware components with theme's support ...

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VGScene 3.80

... suite of native components for Delphi, C++ Builder and Lazarus ... It is a cross platform solution for ... they are also completely resolution independent. The ... designing your Delphi skin easier and faster ... features for maximum customization and control over the design ... more about the component library and read ...

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Shed Skin 1.0

Shed Skin is an experimental Python-to-C compiler. It can convert pure, but implicitly ... programs into optimized C code. Currently, these programs cannot freely use the ...


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Platinum Player - A Cool CDPlayer with Skin Support v2.1

Platinum Player - A Cool CDPlayer with Skin Support is a Windows compatible cool CDPlayer with Skin Support. It's small ... Written in Dev-C++.


krpRegions library 2.0

... easy-to-use components for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. This library ... and want to create really cool, unusual or skinnable program user interfaces.Contains:TkrpControlRegion - Satellite component to assign any ... TkrpRegionImage - Base graphic control that supports regions.TkrpSkin - Storage of skin graphic.TkrpSkinFile - Wrapper of skin file.TkrpRectSkingine - Skingine for simple rectangular regions.TkrpColorSkingine - Skingine for AREA_BY_COLOR algorithm.TkrpOpenSkinDialog - Select skin dialog with preview ...

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SUISkin 4.0

... Fully supports Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2 (What's Skin Solutinos v2, please ... the support for skinning the header of ... the support for skinning TComboBoxEx.Removed the flicker of single skinned TScrollBar control.SUISkin is the ... to-use VCL skin component for Delphi & C++Builder. It provides you ... ability to make skin-supported application automatically ... time on programming skin supports. Using SUISkin ... just drop the skin engine component onto the main ... that's all. It can skin all forms in ... automatically. And the skin files can be compiled into the EXE ... need distribute the skin files with the ... run-time, you can switch the skins very easily and you can switch to unskinned ... UI-designed official skins from UI artists ... of third-party skinsEasiest to use - Just one component for one applicationFully automatic - Skins all forms and ... existing project with skin easilySupports third-party controlsSupports Docking formsSupports BidiModeNo flickingSwitch from skin to unskin easilySupports one or more skin files to be ... the EXE fileProvides SkinBuilder toolFully MDI supportedWithout ...

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Barcode Control

Fenestra Technologies' Barcode Control provides a clean, intuitive way to ... above, or Borland C++Builder 3 and above ... on forms, barcodes can be printed, copied to the clipboard (in both raster ... metafiles, and more.Currently available symbologies are:Code 39 & Extended Code 39, Code 128 A, B & C,Code 2 of 5 ... UPC Version E,Codabar, &POSTNET.Because of the Barcode Control's modular design, other symbologies can be implemented and ... easily. Full source code is included with ...

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VCL Skin 4.07

VCLSkin is a component to create skinnable user interface for ... just put one component on mainform, Vclskin will skin whole application without source code modification. Vclskin is ... most third-part controls in market, there isn't a competitor was able to support 3rd-part controls as many as ... Support DELPHI Standard Controls;Support embeded form ... most third-party controls.Support QuantumGrid 5 ... IP4000,1st4000,TMS component.Support Toolbar, TBX.Support TNT Unicode controls.Support Fastreport, Quickreport.Support 2 skin file in applcation.Change skin fileS at runtime.Over 70 skin files.Convert xp theme file to Vclskin skin feature ... Support scrollbar of combobox drop-down list ...

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Event Journal 1.00 RC 2

... as selecting menus, clicking buttons, minimizing windows ... Delphi or Borland C++ Builder application.Without ... Using the TFTEventJournal component is simple -- drop the component onto your existing ... with no further coding.In addition to ... your application. You can manually add debug ... the journal by calling the LogUserMessage method, plus you can create your own custom events and plug ... architecture.Delphi 5 compatible.

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TFTEventJournal 1.0

... as selecting menus, clicking buttons, and minimizing ... Delphi or Borland C++ Builder application. Using ... field, so developers can improve and simplify ...

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SkinFeature ToolKit for Delphi/C++builder 1.3

SkinFeature is a custom skinning implementation library and ... DLL and .NET components. It allows you easily to create skins . this skin creator supports MS Visual C ++MFC(5.0 ... languages that support COM objects. The SkinFeature GUI design tool offers flexible controls customization for all Windows ...

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TurboSkin 0.1.beta

... is an opensource skin library for Borland C++Builder VCL Components.Makes it easy to create skinnable application without modifing sourcecode!Support C++Builder5.0/6.0/2006 and ...

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sdl_skin 32

sdl-skin provides C++ classes which allow you to define skin (GUI) for your ... applications easily. The skin object uses Kyra ... and the Kyra codes have been enhanced ...

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Oracle Data Access Components for Delphi 4 2.50

Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) library offers some nonvisual components for Borland C++ Builder and Delphi ... 8 feathers: BLOB, CLOB and BFile data ...


Oracle Data Access Components for Delphi5 2.50

Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) library offers some nonvisual components for Borland C++ Builder and Delphi ... 8 feathers: BLOB, CLOB and BFile data ...


NativeDB 1.90

... set of Delphi/Kylix/C++Builder components thatconnects directly to ... interface as embedded C programs use.NativeDB ...


VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase ASE 1.2.5

... ASE / ASA; - Compatibility with standard and ... Delphi data-aware controls; - Easy installation and ... version have limited ... sent in all connections, can not exceed 1000 ...


ThlSkinButton 1.1

ThlSkinButton is a skinnable VCL button component. No doubt, there ... many implementations of skin buttons. I wrote this one to cover certain features I did not find all combined in other implementations ... of the button can share a single ... a region to clip those areas. This ... i.e. mouse clicks in those areas ... The button takes care of scaling when ... 4) The button can be configured to act like ... suitable alternative to check boxes for simulating ... indentation 6) Optional caption drawn by the ... includes projects for C++Builder 5/6, Delphi 5/6 ...


Advanced Application Controls 2.2.1

The Advanced Application Controls (AppControls) is the ... top quality multipurpose components for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. The package contains everything that you ... weeks of hard coding now you will ... minutes of mouse clicking. :-)Most components is completely automated, so using ... line of additional code and don't waste ... time to make cosmetic features and great ... to have additional custom buttons on the title bar, add context-sensitive help without ... great features! See Components Overview ( for more ...