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Platinum Player - A Cool CDPlayer with Skin Support v2.1

Platinum Player - A Cool CDPlayer with Skin Support is a Windows compatible cool CDPlayer with Skin Support. It's small and attractive. It was...


Skin Swap

Skin Swap is a web based PHP application which specifically performs the process of changing the appearance of the E-commerce website. It helps to...


HydroS Skin Button 1.0

HydroS Skin Button help to make buttons as Xara Web Style or Fireworks. You can make you own skin bitmap and load in button.

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Greatis Form Skin 1.01

Window Skin and Transparency Components.Form Skin pack contains components that allow to create windows with transparent areas and windows with...

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VCL Skin 4.07

VCLSkin is a component to create skinnable user interface for Delphi/C++Builder application, It is easy to use, just put one component on mainform,...

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Shed Skin 1.0

Shed Skin is an experimental Python-to-C compiler.


Media Portal Skin Flipper 1.01

Media Portal Skin Flipper is a small tool that can flip the direction of an XML skin file of MediaPortal.

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VirtualDJ Skin Resizer 1.0

VDJ Skin Resizer for VirtualDJ can resize skin's XML/bitmap datas so users can enjoy their favourite skin in fullscreen (or any size).


Snake Skin Bean Breaker 1.0

The Snake Skin Bean Breaker converts Python syntax into readable Java syntax.

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Win32::GUI::Skin 0.15

Win32::GUI::Skin is a module to allow you to create skin applications on Win32 using Perl and the Win32::GUI module.

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Delphi Vcl Skin 1.02

VCLSkin is an VCL library that extend Delphi application with skinnable user interface . It allows software developers to make their applications...


Avatar Skin - Skinnable GUI Toolkit 1.0

Based on wxWidgets, this library is intended to be a cross platform toolkit for creating skinnable user interfaces.


Web Skin 1.0

This framework helps you implement different skins (colors, fonts and images) for a web application.


SkinEngine v 1.8.5

SkinEngine VCL library adds full support for application skins. SkinEngine adds skin to forms, menus or controls. Support import skin sources...

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SUIPack 5.8

Do you want to make your application have MacOS, WinXP or more professional-UI-designed skins?Now you can do it without writing a single line of...

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IrisSkin 3.0

IrisSkin is the easiest-to-use .NET skin solution for Microsoft VisualStudio.NET(WinForms). It provides you the ability to make your application in...

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SUISkin 4.0

The new version:Fully supports Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2 (What's Skin Solutinos v2, please visit the support...

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Organic Shape Image 3.1

TOrganicShapeImage Delphi component is a TImage like component with irregular boundaries. The boundary is set by a mask bitmap. This is a great way...

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SkinFeature ToolKit for Delphi/C++builder 1.3

Customize Your Applications with Innovative Skin Maker Software for Professional Graphical User Interface GUI Development.

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VGScene 3.80

VGScene provides developers with a set of components to improve and speed up the process of skinning their applications. Users can create a Delphi...

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