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Alien Caterpillar 1.0

An alien "caterpillar" tracks the mouse cursor across your Web page. Script was originally created to simulate the Sentinals or "Squidies" from The...


BrainCode's SLIDEWAYS 3.0.1

SlideWays applet is nested into tables, with a graphic used for a back-ground to simulate a console. This scrolls images in all the directions....


Click-stack Nested Menu System 1.II

Simulate the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer on your web site with Click-Stack, a well-documented, easy-to-use nested menu builder. The source code...


DS FireTunnelMenu

DS FireTunnelMenu can be used in your web pages to simulate a fire tunnel effect in the background and implementing a menu over it. The menu items...


Challenges with C++: A compilation of 550+ MCQ's

This book is a collection of 550+ multiple choice questions which covers all the core C++ language concepts. The main focus is made on language...


Integrating Includes and Subs on Single Page Sites

This ASP article tells users the techniques involved in scaling bigger websites into well defined small blocks and to compress or decompress pages....


SWServer 2.III

This serves as a proxy as well as a tunnel and is a simple web server. SWServer has the option to simulate low speed modem connection by delaying...


TConnector ActiveX

This is a communication application where the users have the ability to access data from any devices. This program can pass the incoming data with...


Using the SQLIOStress Utility to Stress a Disk Subsystem

Using the SQLIOStress Utility to Stress a Disk Subsystem is an useful article which expalins you about how to do stress checks on the disk...


Working with Emulators and Browsers

Working with Emulators and Browsers is an article, from which you can learn how to simulate and test your .NET applications using emulators of...


TLoopButton 1.01

TLoopButton is a standard button equipped with an additional iterating feature that allows to simulate series of button clicks.

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TAutoScroll 1.0

This is a high customizable non-visual component, designed to simulate user actions and simplify scroll in manner as IE 5.0 and OE 5.0 do.It can...

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TRealAlarm 1.02

TRealAlarm is a simulate alarm's action. You can set time when alarm event will occur, specify your action for the AlarmTime, specify object to...

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TCasseteContador 2.00

This component simulate a cassete counter. You can Forward, Play, Rewind, Stop, preload, clear it, and seting a counter limit and the Forward and...

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Water Effect 2.3

This component simulate a water reflection - alike Java applet. After a lots of tests, author fixed the maximum dimensions for image at 320x240,...

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Webserver Stress Tool

Webserver Stress Tool simulates large numbers of users accessing a website via HTTP/HTTPS. The software can simulate up to 10,000 users that...

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FireDot Component

Enjoy this small free component for Flash that is able to simulate various particle drawings and is only 2k.

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VLE Simulation 0.2

VLE is a program written in java to simulate the thermodynamic systems containing liquid and vapour.


OpenMAD 0.0.1

The OpenMAD project aims to provide versatile software implementations of mathematical models based on the theory of differential games which...


Evolution Tournament 20110616.3.0

A self-contained, fully configurable Java "game" to simulate multi-species evolution.

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