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Simple Crossword Generator

Simple Junior Generator X 1.0

Generator X (Form, View, SQL View, Single Print, Single Print to MS Word, and else) this concept is Frame work include to Generator.


Simple EJB Generator 1.0

A very easy to use, simple generator of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs).

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SsGen(Simple SQL Generator) 1.0

SsGen is a SQL generator library.

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Simple password generator

In this tutorial, the author gives tips to the beginner programmer for creating a random password. For creating this, he uses loops and random...


Metatag Generator

An example of a simple metatag generator you could put on your site.


TXT Generator Class

TXT Generator Class is a very simple Test generator which can generates test files without any text editors. This script uses a XML template for...


HTML Generator 1.0

HTML Generator is a simple code generator that generates simple static html web sites with different views.

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Butterfly Code Generator 0.18

Butterfly is a simple Code Generator using XMI as the input and XSLT templates to generate any type of code.

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PM Report for PostgreSQL 1.0

PM Report for PostgreSQL is a simple report generator that can be used with any PgSQL database.

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ProfiX 1.0

ProfiX'll be simple XHTML generator for the end-users.


CodeCase 1.0

Fast & Simple code generator for data access classes.


Generous 1.0

Simple Code generator that targets the TechInsite OPF framework.


simple finite state machine generator 1.0.1

A simple, fast, finite state machine (fsm) C code generator using an awk script to read a fsm specification (state, event, action, next state) to...

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Simple Java Framework Generator 1.0

Simple Java Framework Generator is a project where database reads the one structure (tables, columns, foreign key, primary key) and mounts objects...


Simple ASP Web Page Generator 1.0

It is a simple script written in ASP. It is used to generate simple web pages.


Simple pattern-based string generator 1.0

This script allows you to generate all the string described by a pattern passed on the command-line.

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Packet Generator In Ruby 0.2

A simple network packet generator handling diffserv markers, useful for testing network bandwidth and QoS.


Backend Wizard PHP code generator

Backend Wizard PHP code generator is a powerful PHP application that can generate full backend management system for your database tables. Using...


Crossword Puzzle CGI system 1.III

Crossword Puzzle CGI system lets you to create and play crossword puzzles on the website. One can easily generate crossword puzzles supplying clues...