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Simple Calculator Source Code In Vb Net

Add-in Express Toys for VSTO and Excel 2.0

... free sample add-in (ready to install and use) that ... to Microsoft Excel, including advanced options for ... options. The add-in is based on the innovative Add-in Express technology and ... developing Excel add-ins, creating custom toolbars ... objects. The add-in contains a full source code in VB, C# and supports ... 2007. It works in VSTO 2005 SE and VSTO 2008 (VB.NET, C#).

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Add-in Express Toys for Excel and .NET 2.0

... sample COM add-in (ready to install and use) that ... to Microsoft Excel, including advanced options for ... options. The add-in is based on the advanced Add-in Express technology and ... to create add-ins, how to manage add-in's toolbars and controls ... objects. The add-in contains a full source code in VB, C# and supports ...

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ThermalLabel SDK for .NET 5.0

... Label SDK for .NET-Zebra. Design barcode ... writing just pure .NET code in VB.NET or C#. Supports ... Label Design with VB.NET and C#. - Advanced Barcode Support. - .NET Data Binding, Counters ... support! - Empower your .NET apps with the ... Add-on! - ASP.NET Client-side cross ...

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.Net Decompiler that decompiles/disassembles .Net assemblies and build code flow diagrams from MSIL (MS Intermediate Language) binary format ... formed and optimized source code (6 languages: MSIL, C#, VB.NET, Delphi.Net J# and managed ... Spices.Decompiler completely integrated into Spices.Net and offers wide ... these scopes) of .Net assembly.

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ADX Toys 2 WD 2.0

... a COM add-in for Microsoft Word ... of the selected source code in the current document.The add-in is based on Add-in Express 2 technology ... to create add-ins, how to manage add-in's toolbars and controls ...

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ASP.NET Distributed Data Applications

... of building ASP.NET applications that handle ... work across the Internet (or other HTTP networks, such as local Intranets). It takes a ... server running ASP.NET. The book focusses ... it can be coded, using SQL Server as a data source and simple Web server hardware. / The ASP.NET code in this book is presented in VB.NET, while client-side code is presented in JavaScript. A C# version of the code is also available ... along with the VB.NET. / This book ... * The new .NET philosophy for managing ... this philosophy work in the real world ... * Using the .NET data management classes ... * Maintaining data integrity by efficiently resolving ...


Simple Business Object in VB.NET

... business objects created in VB.NET. The author defines ... narrates about generating simple business objects. The ... method. The sample source code is given in VB.NET. This successful method ... objects to use in thier .NET applications.


Visual Studio Decompiler 5.01.11

... you wrote a VB.NET application for a ... longer have the source code of the .NET project? All you ... you can generate VB.NET source code from the EXE?RustemSoft's Skater .NET obfuscator has been expanded with .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface that converts executable ... or .DLL) from Intermediate Language (IL, MSIL ... to high-level source codes, such as C# and Visual Basic.NET.This is FREE .Net DLL Decompliler And ... get back their source code after built/compiled all project source code into DLL files. Plus ... and ensure all source code from your team ... correctly.The Skater .NET obfuscator .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface has the features ... generics; Recognizes all .NET language constructs, such ... C#, Visual Basic.NET, and thus Skater ... C# decompiler, and VB.NET Decompiler; Supports unsafe codes and pointer arithmetic ... along with the source codes when API documentation ... Recognizes all CIL instructions, handles address type instructions correctly; Robust and ... against as many .NET assemblies as could ... compiled to a .NET EXE or DLL ... to the viewer in CIL. Skater .NET is a far ...

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... about file creation in VB.NET. In this tutorial author offers source code which helps to ... store its content into the created file ... helpful for the VB.NET programmers.


FotoVision Web Application

... a variety of .NET technologies including Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Web services, and the .NET Compact Framework. It ... This paper provides information so you can ... sample is written in VB.NET and the installation application installs pre-built binaries and source code for the web ...


Multithreading in VB.NET

Multithreading in VB.NET is an easy to learn tutorial in which the programmers can gather information about the method ... multi threading application in VB.NET. The author explains ... namespace that helps in running the application ... help of example source code and explains this code for easy understanding ...


Multi-threading with VB.NET by Srinivas Sivakumar

Multi-threading with VB.NET is an ASP.NET tutorial through which programmers can gather information about the process ... generating multithreading application in VB.NET. In this tutorial the ... multiple threading using VB.NET with example source code.


Sending Emails with ASP.NET

... emails using ASP.NET. With the help ... Web.Mail namespace in .NET, you could create ... send through ASP.NET with the coding in VB.NET. This article gives the users the source code for sample testing ...


Simple country dropdown component

... small project description in which the author ... dropdown component works in VB.NET. The author projects the source code which would help ...


Writing Assemblies in multiple languages

.NET Framework accepts a ... the part described in this online tutorial ... library. The sample source code is available in VB.NET and C#. The ... and get them in application on the ...


Create Page Templates

... for the ASP.NET programmers through which they can gather information about page templates ... of a page in the website. This ... the page template in VB.NET and C# using code-behind class, which works in .NET frame work.


How to use GetDirectories

... an easy tutorial in which users can ... list all directories in the folder by ... which is written in VB.NET which helps in listing the directories in folder and also this code can be modified ... also provided the code for this application ...


ocxMail 4

... attachments. 2.3 includes improvements for Express, Exchange and Netscape Communicator 4.04 ... / 2.4 includes the SendX function ... which does not interpret all RFC822 message ... / 2.52 includes improvements for text ... to the next in the list if ... OCXMail without any source code ASP/VB changes on ...


Property: Encapsulation

... web based tutorial in which author discusses ... the data structure. In this tutorial the ... with example and source code in C#. This article ... for the ASP.NET programmers and web ...


Remoting and XML Web Services in Visual Basic .NET

... learn about remoting in Visual Basic .NET and XML web ... the same. Sample code has been given ... conclusion about remoting in VB.NET. This tutorial also ...