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Creating a Single Sign-on across ASP.NET Application and Legacy ASP Application

Most of the membership website have the problem of allowing their members to all areas of the websites with the single sign in, this article gives...


DLMan 1.1.2001

DLMan is a program based on php which allows users for managing downloads and to process transactions and then grant your clients access to the...


NASCAR Guestbook 1.0

This is a guestbook where the visitors can add comments and display their team logo and name. This program allows visitors to sign on the guestbook...


Remote SingleSign On server 1.0

Remote Single Sign-On Server is concept of a server which avoids a user or an application from logging in on each one of service server of which...

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Unity Authentication System 1.0

The goal of UAS is to provide a bridging interface between parts of a website, allowing for single sign on to websites with several parts, and for...


yOGA Object Graph Architecture 1.0

Rapid development and deployment of enterprise architectures including: configuration, single sign-on, and conflicting transactions resolution.


tinySSO 1.0

tinySSO is a simple Single Sign-On in Java based on a secure cookie protocol.

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Cross-Application Session Authentication 1.0

CASA is a set of plugins for web apps so they will authenticate off of the same session, enabling single sign-on on a website, allowing sessions to...


Forta Access and Identity Management 1.0.beta2

Open Source Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity Management

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gs-jwesso 1.0

jwesso is a web single sign-on solution.


Drupal Chat Module 7.2

It can add a live chat room to Drupal with sixteen skins, multiple languages and users single sign-on. And the best part is once the module is...

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TN BRIDGE 3 is the new web-to-host terminal emulator for IBM Mainframes and AS/400, designed to take full advantage of the web technology. It works...


OnlineCall 2.50.7

OnlineCall is a revolutionary, user-friendly, Internet program that tells you who's online at all times. No longer will you search in vain for...

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123 Flash Chat Software (Linux) 9.1.1

The leading chat server software for dating sites or social networks, It can be easily added to all CMSes: Joomla!, Skadate, phpBB, vBulletin......

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SMF Chat Module 2.07

It can add a chat room based on Java server and Flash & HTML 5 Client to SMF, multiple skins and users fully integrated. And the best part is once...

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Moodle Chat Module 2.6

It can add a chat room based on Java server and Flash client to Moodle, sixteen skins and users fully integrated. And the best part is once the...

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MyBB Chat Module 1.613

It can add a chat room based on Java server, traditional Flash client and novel HTML client to MyBB, sixteen skins and users fully integrated. And...

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2in1 Privacy Folder and Password Manager 8.3

PrivacyArea is a fast security software that have 2 components: Privacy folder, Manage and auto-fill Password. "Privacy Folder" can hide and...

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Php chat 2.0

PHP Chat Scripts, Free Chat, PHP Chat, Free PHP Chat, 3rd Party PHP Chat.

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IPplan 4.86a 1.0

IPplan is a free (GPL), web based, multilingual, TCP IP address management software and tracking tool written in php 4, simplifying the...