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Sequence Diagram Bus System

EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5

EventStudio is a CASE tool for Sequence Diagram, Call Flow, Message Sequence Chart, Use Case and Process Workflows generation. EventStudio goes...

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Java Call Trace to UML Sequence Diagram 1.0

This tool helps you to reverse engineer UML Sequence Diagram for your java program at runtime.

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Sequence Diagram / MSC Generator 1.0

The Sequence Diagram / MSC Generator is a tool to generate Sequence Diagrams from a textual description.


Quick Sequence Diagram Editor 4.0.rc1

A fast and reliable tool, written in Java 5, for generating professional UML sequence diagrams from text.

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Sequence Diagram Generator 1.0

Generates sequence diagrams in SVG format from a textual representation.


Java2SD 1.1

JAVA Program to Sequence Diagram Generator.

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Java2Sequence 1.0

JAVA Sequence Diagram Generator


jt-uml 1.0

Takes in a simple text file and converts it into a UML diagram.


Make Real Code Generator 1.0

This is a lightweight code generator (not MDA Tool), usig as input a ArgoUML's model and Velocity Templates.


i-Net infotech Online Bus,Train,Flight Booking Script 1.6.3

i-Net infotech, a professional Website Development company provides online PHP script for Bus, Train and Flight Booking System.

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TMS Diagram Studio 3.2

Add diagram and flowchart capabilities to your Delphi/C++Builder application.

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Linking System 1.0

The Linking System is an version of UML diagram creator and documentation linking, Graphical schema system created in Visual Basic.


AidAim Single File System v.2.12

Single File System provides an easy way to work with multiple files and folders stored as a part of a single file with advanced compression and...


Portable PHP,MySQL Corporate Intranet System 2

Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System provides simple features to administer web based user system. Modules support internal lists for...


Fast FAQs System V 1.0

its a very handy FAQs system, that has a powerful Admin Panel from where Admin can control all the features. For further information please visit...

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System Cleaner 2000

System Cleaner - CleanUp the wasted space! Tired of temp files not being deleted when an application is finished with them? Tired of zero size...

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How to Modify System Menu

Sample showing how to modify the system menu of Form (change, delete, add new items in menu). + Example of showing the ShellAbout dialogue (as in...

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How to modify System Menu And Show ShellAbout Dialog 1.0

Sample showing how to modify the system menu in forms (change, delete, add new items in menu) and example of showing the ShellAbout dialogue (as in...

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DS Plugin System 4.5

System is based on TDataModule structure and provide you with flexible way to manage your plugins. You can create them as a BPL or DLL, you could...

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SoftwareShield System

The SoftwareShield System is a licensing and copy-protection system for software developers who create Windows applications on the x86 platform....

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