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Sequence Diagram

EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5

EventStudio is a CASE tool for Sequence Diagram, Call Flow, Message Sequence Chart, Use Case and Process Workflows generation. EventStudio goes...

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Java Call Trace to UML Sequence Diagram 1.0

This tool helps you to reverse engineer UML Sequence Diagram for your java program at runtime.

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Sequence Diagram / MSC Generator 1.0

The Sequence Diagram / MSC Generator is a tool to generate Sequence Diagrams from a textual description.


Quick Sequence Diagram Editor 4.0.rc1

A fast and reliable tool, written in Java 5, for generating professional UML sequence diagrams from text.

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Sequence Diagram Generator 1.0

Generates sequence diagrams in SVG format from a textual representation.


Java2SD 1.1

JAVA Program to Sequence Diagram Generator.

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Java2Sequence 1.0

JAVA Sequence Diagram Generator


jt-uml 1.0

Takes in a simple text file and converts it into a UML diagram.


Make Real Code Generator 1.0

This is a lightweight code generator (not MDA Tool), usig as input a ArgoUML's model and Velocity Templates.


Nevron Diagram for .NET Q1 2006

Professional Diagram component for .NET applications.

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TMS Diagram Studio 3.2

Add diagram and flowchart capabilities to your Delphi/C++Builder application.

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Remove duplicates from a sequence 1.0

The fastest way to remove duplicates from a sequence depends on some pretty subtle properties of the sequence elements, such as whether they're...


Getting th permutation of a sequence 1.1

This script contains a function that given a sequence and a number n as parameters, returns the th permutation of the sequence (always as...


Splitting up a sequence 1.3

This script allows you to split up a sequence in same-size (if possible) parts.


Getting min/max in a sequence 1.0

Getting min/max in a sequence script allows you to find the min/max value in a sequence as compared to a reference.


Farey Sequence 1.0

This function provides farey sequence, F(n), for any integer n.


PHP - LT Diagram Builder 3.0

PHP - LT Diagram Builder is an useful utility that allows admin to create graphs and charts. Using this program coordinate diagrams are drawn with...


Diagram Studio 2.0

Add flexible diagramming, graphing or flowcharting capabilities to your applications.Diagram editing behaviour similar to standard diagramming...

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Generator for sequence operations 1.0

Permutations and combinations are often required in algorithms that do a complete search of the solution space.


Fibonacci sequence using generators 1.0

Generators, introduced in Python 2.