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Sample Domain Model For Banking

Layer Builder 1.0

The set of templates for CodeSmith that helps build layered Domain Model for Data Access Layer.


Generating Serial Code For Your Applications

Generating Serial Code For Your Applications is an article more important for the webmasters to create a serial code similarly to the original to...


produce dynamic Web pages with Java and XSLT

Earlier XML, developers had to produce dynamic Web pages with some sort of server-side scripting technology, such as CGI, Java servlets, or JSP....


JdonFramework 6.6.1

JdonFramework is a light-weight framework for developing Domain-Driven Design applications, Jdon = DDD + CQRS+ EDA +IOC/DI + AOP + CACHE or...

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XSnapshot rc

XSnapshot is a framework for generating data transfer classes (which we call snapshot classes) based on domain model classes.

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Domain Model Distribution Frameworks 0.8.0

DMDF has collection of Frameworks for distribute your domain model.

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DomainExpress.Net 1.0

Need to implement a domain model and want to avoid the hassle of creating custom code for interfacing with a database?


OpenMDE 1.0

The vision is to enable the incorporation of best practices, standard patterns and tools for building robust, scalable, distributed applications...

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DomainModels 1.0

A domain model framework for Java EE.


Model Driven Test Case Constrution 1.0

MTCC (Model-DrivenTest Case Construction) in an approach to the construction of acceptance tests by domain experts for testing system families...


Domain Model Venture 1.0

Domain Model Venture is an open source Java software for rapid application development based on a domain model.


domain4jsf 1.0

domain4jsf eliminates the need for data translation between the domain model and the presentation tier.



Create your Delphi object-model for Interbase/Firebird in six simple steps.Features:creation of all necessary procedures, generators, triggers etc....

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Modified Domain Search 2.0

Simple domain search for all TLS's.


JVx EE 1.0.1

Create professional backend software with JVx and use your domain model which is already available in your Java EE based web application.

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EchoBeans 1.0

Automatically generates echo2 applications from a domain model (scaffolding).


.NET Framework Essentials

This tutorial shows how to create a web service by which readers can learn what are web services, how it works, what is web service wire formats,...


Accessibility Form Tutorial

This tutorial elaborately instructs about the usage of accessibility form. The author has given samples to the learners for quick reference. This...


Adapting legacy applications as Web services

This tutorial is for the learners which delivers the details for the beginners about web service and its transaction management. Complete flow...


AdSense Sandbox

The AdSense Sandbox is a simple and easy to use utility that lets you to create banner ads on your website in real time. You are just required to...