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Rock The Dock

X-Treme Dock Menu AS3 1.0

XML Dock Image Menu / XML Dock Photo Menu & XML Dock AutoPlay Menu - AS3 ... required to insert the Dock Menu SWF inside the HTML page(s ... period adjustable from the XML file (in ... * Optionally set the XML settings file ...

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WebUI Studio.NET 2008 5.0

... Solutions proudly presents the innovation of WebUI ... as well as the enthusiasm from our prospects in developing their Web application with ... NET 2008 R1 the most advanced WebUI ... making WebAqua.NET™ the industry’s first commercial ... NET™ automatically converts the server side object ... Jimmy Petrus Setiawan, the company’s Chief Software ... 2008 release is the result of our ... demanded. Thanks to the bare-metal component ... and state-of-the-art WebUI technology ... Studio 2008 is the industry’s most advanced ... your Web with the magnificent feel of ... you to customize the navigation in Elegant ... Grid mode. With the slogan “WebFishEye.NET ... Intersoft really minimizes the work of Web ... as size of the fish eye button, the dock backgrounds, tooltip text ... possible before in the Web. Zoom, jump ... and glow are the 6 built-in ... Solutions also brought the famous CoverFlow of Apple’s iPhone to the Web. Display your ... WebCoverFlow also includes the incredibly powerful features ... able to detect the type of files ... have in focus. The VirtualFlow™ technology, designed ... is also introducing the new family member ... WebCallOut to suit the style of your ... drag and drop. The TripleLoad™ technology by ... makes WebScheduler.NET the fastest Scheduling component ... View or to the other views. What ... Andry Handoko Soesilo, the Chief Technology Officer ... WebScheduler.NET is the first to allow you to bind the Scheduling data to ... significant updates to the existing flagship component. Some of the enhancements include support ... Safari browser and the integration between our ...

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JD Dock Comps 1.2

JD Dock Comps is a ... designed to make docking toolbars and panels ... to implement. JD Dock wraps most of the common issues such as customization of the buttons on a ... both position and docksite.Saving can be ... file or to the Registry. Compiled examples ... are supplied with the components and their is a mail ... of you doing docking. Compare it to ... need to spend the money for the difference.

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AppBar 1.6

The AppBar component lets ... Desktop Toolbar - to dock on the edges of the screen like usual ... appbars are usually docked on an edges of the user's screen, they also can float ... usual windows. When the AppBar is anchored to the screen edge, it ... when user point the mouse to the thin line on ... edge. User can dock or undock the appbar just moving ... automatical movements of the appbar can be ... features, such like docking and sizing rules ...


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... and avoiding rumbling rocks. You can clear dirt, move a rock, or collect a ... Be careful of the scary creatures as ... keys and play the game. This Java ... levels and images. The game is great ...


Coalesys WebMenu Studio 2.1.1970

... made out from the name itself, this ... menu development software. The menus can be in either the vertical or horizontal ... files, which can then be employed in ... menus, drag & dock, intelligent repositioning, client ...


Develop rock-solid code in PHP

... tutorial that teaches the users how to form rock solid codes for ... with php on their websites. The author of this ... which deals with the practical and real ... is easy for the beginners to follow ... some issues to the users for designing Web applications on their programs.



... tool bars on their .NET web applications ... web applications with docking functionality with the help of this program. The provided dockable windows enable webmasters to let the windows float on the web applications, tab-dock to other windows, let it dock to the corner of the applications etc., This dock windows allow users to customize the windows by dragging ... Users can collapse the windows into buttons and can categorize them into groups. It ... enhanced features for the users.


Perl Programmer's Interactive Workbook

... projects Learn PERL the right way-by ... focused on teaching the key skills you need to build rock-solid scripts and ... FREE, state-of-the-art PERL learning ...


Rock-Me 1.0

Rock-Me is a ... special effects for their web page navigations ... online vertical menus. There are also provisions ... cursor supports for the menus and to ... button links for the pages.


Tito Web Studio 1.0

... triggers to control the profiler work flow ... way to display the snapshot, tab interface ... and maximum size, dock any document to any place in the desktop.


UPS XML Address Verification Tool PHP Function Library 1.0

... Address Validation alerts them with an error ... are corrected at the point of entry ... before orders leave the shipping dock.


Abale Zip

The rock solid compression component ... need to get the job done quickly ...

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Dialog Workshop 1.5.5

... code. You can dock your Delphi form ... and/or right of the dialog box and ... own controls in the standard common dialog ... About.Key features: Docked Delphi forms in ... for download from the homepage.

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Overseer Network Monitor 1.2

... installation, configuration via the standards-based Microsoft ... service to provide rock-solid reliability. Overseer ...

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WebUI Studio.NET 2006 R2 SP2

... Studio.NET® is the most comprehensive AJAX ... Component Systems enabling rock-solid architecture and ... improvement by reducing the time required to learn the products, while at the same time increases the value of your ... and innovations for the maximum satisfaction of ... application. All of the components included in the WebUI Studio.NET ...

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Aqua Dock

Aqua dock menu, cool and easy to use. The commercial archive contains the code for both ... showed in preview. DockMenu.textData DockMenu.width DockMenu.scrollSpeed DockMenu.onItemRollOver(index) DockMenu.onItemRollOut(index) DockMenu.onChange(index)

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Horizontal Scrolling Dock Menu 1.0

Greetings, this is the newest installment in ... This advanced horizontal Dock Menu is highly ... is one of the best AS2 Dock Menus on sale ... you can use the preview config panel's ... button to generate the xml settings for ... configuration you like. Then you can simply paste them in your own ... are present in the config panel, just the most important ones ... list check out the xml description below ... flashvars Settings in the XML : - item size ... px) for zooming (dock can open upwards ... reflection distance from the picture - brighten item ... axis offset of the tooltip (move it ... for any/all of the states. - for each ...

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Little Penguins Rock 1.0

"Little Penguins Rock" aims to be ... filesystem and compiling the kernel.It's ... my Psion Handheld.Rock it out...


DockDotNET 2.5

The aim of the project is to ... enabling windows to dock into a designated ... Apart from this the main issue (and ... be that every dockable window is handled ...

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