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Reverse Auctions

Active Auction House 3.0

Active Auction House is a web based auction software designed for the auction house business (ex. Only the administrator can add...


A complete suite of applications and services for building auction web sites. It supports standard and reverse auctions, classified ads, and...


BPower Unique Low Bid Auction 2.3

Unique Low Bid Auction script is a script for setting up a comprehensive and robust auction site with 3 types of low bid auctions: Classic,...

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XcAuction 3.VII

XcAuction is an easy to use professional auction package, loaded with powerful features. XcAuction's user interface is feature rich and simple to...


BPower Unique Low Bid Auction 2.4

Bpower Unique Low Bid Auction script is a software for setting up a comprehensive and robust lowest unique bid auction site with 3 types of low bid...

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PE Explorer 1.98 R2

PE Explorer is a feature-rich and budget priced set of tools for those whose daily work involves reverse engineering of software and exploit code,...

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Exeshield 3.8

With ExeShield it's easy to turn your applications into try-before-you-buy software with very little effort, and maximum protection against piracy,...

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BPLowerAuction - Lower Bid Auction Script 1.0

Lower bid auction is a new type of online auctions for selling expensive goods and properties. It works like classic unique low bid auction with...

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enuuk Auction Platform 1.6

He most comprehensive standard auction software and the most powerful and robust package in its market segment. This is the definitive solution if...

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101 Auction Script 1.0

Run your own auctions site with our multifaceted auctions script. It supports Simple auctions,

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BPDutchAuction - Dutch Auction Script 1.1

BPDutchAuction scratch auction software is a powerful, scalable & fully-featured auction script that lets create the ultimate profitable online...

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Free Auction Script

Free auction script is a complete auction script is solution to create your top quality auction website. By downloading this auction script you can...

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TradeMe NZ Auctions 1.0

This script will pull your auctions from the Trademe website in New Zealand and display it on your own oscommerce website.


Reverse a string 1.3

Reverse a string script allows you to reverse a string.


Ez Freelancer Clone

Ez Freelancer Clone is undoubtedly the best ever reverse auction script available online. Just install the product to launch your website within...

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Concatenate and Execute SQL Scripts with Placeholders. Reverse Engineer Database to SQL Scripts. User definable Placeholders. Hierarchical...

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C# VB.Net SQL template driven Code Generator from a Database Data Model with Reverse Engineering to SQL Scripts. Execute, Test groups of SQL...

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.NET ICMP & Traceroute component

This network component is used on network environment to define and trace the route of the network path. This utility contains three different...


Active Auction 3.III

Active Auction is web based auction software. It has many features similar to large auction sites. Features include Standard and Dutch auctions,...


Active Trade 2.0

Active Trade is a powerfrul ASP application with which you can conduct internet auctions for the products. Just register for the program and you...