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Resource File Editor

Resource Builder 2.6.2

Mighty strong resource files editor for developers. Create, edit, compile and merge RC scripts to build new resource files (.res). Import...

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RFE - Resource File Editor

Resource File Editor erlaubt das komfortable erstellen und bearbeiten von RC-Dateien mit Kompilierfunktion (externer Compiler)

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Resource File Unit 1.0

This unit contains classes that encapsulate Windows 32 bit binary resource files and the resources contained in them. The main functionality is...

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SMLPack 1.3

SMLPack is a components package for Delphi/C++Builder to help you make your project support multi-language user interface.

It provides...

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HTML Resource Compiler 1.0.1

HTMLRes is a simple command line application that creates 32 bit binary resource files that contain HTML files suitable for displaying using...

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Advanced Web File Editor I.25

This script can edit in a directory or in all the sub directories in a set path indicated to the script. Set the path to the directory these files...


Browser & Version Redirect

Browser & Version Redirect is a versatile JavaScript, which can detect the browser used by the visitor and direct the appropriate page designed for...


DBMEdit 1.0

DBMEdit is a Web-based DBM file editor, very convenient if you use DBM files. Each record in a DBM file may be treated as several "fields",...



Ezgui is a Java applet that contains a package of GUI APIs that can be worthwhile in programming. You can test it by moving the mouse over the GUI...


Fast TopSites 1.0.1

With fast topsites, you can rate your websites by user's vote. Does site rating based on the hits. Features include built in template file editor,...


FSGuide 0.5

A two-panel file managment tool that features user authentication, access control lists, file uploader, bandwidth-controlled download, file editor,...


Iron Xplorer 2.III

Anyone can utilize this tool to manage their files and folders on their web servers. This application offers a variety of features including...


Veinotte's Advanced Web File Editor 1.0

Advanced Web File Editor 1.0 is an extension of Web File Editor 1.01. This version includes the ability to edit in one directory, or in all...


VirtuallyFit 4.4.2003

This applet is fully written in java. This applet can be used in your web pages to implement a virtual fitting tool with which a background target...


Web File Editor I.16

Web File Editor is a content management system that is capable of altering a line of text on a single file or in a entire directory from any remote...


NoteTab Light 4.6

Freeware multi-page text file editor. Provides a convenient way to display and edit one or more text files. Drag-and-drop files from File Manager...

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Make-Up 95 for Delphi 2.0 1.1

Well. In this second release I have removed all other upgrades and let here only one resource file that contains changed glyphs for TDirListBox and...

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ChangeRes 1.2

If you want to change the version information in a .res (resource) file of your Delphi (win32) or C++ Builder project, but you don't want the...

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Own Cursors

This sample shows custom made mouse cursors that are stored in a resource file.

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Interkodex Multi Language 1.0

The Interkodex Multi-Language Component is designed to help software engineers easily translate their programs. Existing programs can be translated...

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