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Reply Automator

JV Firesale Automator

An all-in-one system that runs all your joint ventures on autopilot and makes you lots of money as you team up with your joint venture partners

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The NSIS Automator 1.0

The NSIS-automator is a simple dialog to get you started on your NSIS installer script.


Xgrid Automator 1.0

Xgrid Automator is an easy to install/use agent/deamon for Os X that distributes Xgrid jobs automaticly.


Code Automator 1.0

Automate your code!

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Email with Auto-Reply 7.0

Simple form mail script designed specifically for Perl newcomers. Thorough documentation included.


.NET ICMP & Ping Component 3.0

.NET ICMP/Ping Component is helpful for the system administrators to ping the remote server, router or any type of network devices using IP...


.NET ICMP & Traceroute component

This network component is used on network environment to define and trace the route of the network path. This utility contains three different...


@feedback form 4.0

This script is useful for creating a form. It supports number of forms and number of fields. Webmasters can create and send a reply through email...


Acmelist Mailing List Manager Pro 2.0

Acmelist Mailing List Manager Pro is multi-platform compatible. Fastest Mailing List Manager ever implemented in Perl! Acmelist Pro supports...


ADN Forum 1.0b

ADN Forum is a powerful message board script containing unique forums to post topics for online discussions. This PHP message board is supported by...


Advanced Form Processor 1.0

This is a very powerful script that sends submitted datas to the webmaster, supports unlimited fields, has option to required all fields or less,...


Agora : Open Source Web-Based Discussion Tool 1.3_01

Agora is a full featured discussion board written in PERL. Using this board users can post topics, messages, reply for the posted topics and follow...


AITSH Links 1.0

The AITSH Links is a script written using PHP and uses MySQL for storing information like name, e-mail, website URL, project title, description,...


AnyEmail 5.45

Receive and send email from any email accounts using your browser. Features include read, compose, send, reply, forward, and delete emails,...


Apply Contact Form Mail 2.1

Allow users to export sender's emails, view stats on messages sent, auto reply, and have webbased admin. Dynamically generates the HTML code.


Apply Contact Pro 2.I

Apply Contact Pro is a program used for creating email form on the website by their owners. Webmasters can utilize this program to recieve...


ApplyLeads E-mail List Manager 3.II

ApplyLeads is a perl and CGI enabled mailing program that can handle about thousands of subscriber via mailing lists. Users can register their name...


Ascad Forms 1.5.2001

This is a simple form processing program is used for generating a perfect form on the websites which is created by your own. This script supports...


Asn Guestbook 1.0

This guestbook allows the admin to reply to or comment visitors' entries. Features an admin section, page navigation, required field, email address...


ASP Message Board 2.2.2001

This is a message board program where the users can build any number of forums to post messages. This program provides an notification email to...