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Absolute Log Analyzer 1.1

Database driven log analysis for single-server sites. It can download your log files and collect all data to the database. It can recognize most...


Auto Submission Pro 3.0

Auto-Submission-Pro utilizes its own built in domain spider to recognize the pages from your website that you want to submit, you select whether...


Cookies Royalities Example

You are promoting in this page some product on sale in another domain. If your Visitor surfs there from here then he will be cookie marked and the...


DigitsyGrid ASP.NET Web Control 2.0

Digitsy Grid is a database controller component that allows the users to adjust and control the display of database records by sorting. It has...


Form1 Builder GoldMine 20

With Form1 Builder GoldMine you can automatically use GoldMine's WebImport function to add form submission data directly to your GoldMine database....


Ipowered IP Targeting Services - Realtime geolocating... 1.V

Ipowered basically enables websites to recognize the geographical location of visitors in realtime, e.g. at the instant someone enters a website,...


Karicart Live Chat for website sales and support 2.0

Want to know when a visitor comes to your site? be alerted instantly, and chat with them live in real time! Webiste monitoring tool helps you track...


Mailto Link Encoder 1.0

This function is used to create an encoded "mailto" email link that should be capable of hiding email addresses on your web site from spambots,...


MightyLinks 1.IV

MightyLinks is a very fast loading java applet that can build user-friendly and professional hyperlinks. It saves time spent on creating graphics...


pb Mail o Matic

Using automated programs called spiders, spammers collect the email addresses from the websites and sell it to junk mailers. To avoid this problem,...


Photo Rating System 1.0

Photo Rating System is a Unix compatible script that allows you to run your own photo rating site (similar to Using a fixed-length...


Search Engine Feeder 0.0.1

This program can feed appointed pages to search engines. It can recognize the spider by checking user agent information.


Shopping Mall 4.0

Your Virtual Shopping Mall is loaded with over 100 retailers that pay you huge commissions on every product sold in your store or money for every...


TextCaptureX 1.III

TextCaptureX is a COM library that allows screen text extraction in Windows applications.It is accessible from any COM aware programming languages....


The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition)

In this brand-new third edition of The C++ Programming Language, author Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, presents the full specification for...


Vorras Antibot 1.0

A program that prevents automatic form submission by robots by introducing a picture into your HTML forms that only a human can recognize.


ClearImage PDF417 5.0

Easily develop robust production applications to recognize high density PDF417 2D barcodes from scanned, faxed or camera images. Software solution...

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AutoUpgrader Pro 4.6.2

Advanced AutoUpgrader component which allows to make your software zauto-upgradableŽ software without single line of code. It contains built-in...

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TGAvocTTS, TGAvocSR 2.0

This component set provides Speech Interface to your application by encapsulating Microsoft's SAPI 5.1. With TGAvocTTS, your application can speak...

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Luxand FaceSDK 1.0

Detect human faces and recognize facial features in your applications with Luxand FaceSDK. Facial feature recognition allows automating...

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