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Random Names And Addresses

myPayPal History Parser Module 1.0

... MySQL database table and provides a solid foundation and database to develop ... builds correct timestamps and intelligently parses names and addresses into seperate database ...


BlackBytes Dns for .NET 1.0

... responsible for translating names into addresses, routing mail to its proper destination, and many other services ... in own domain namespace. The BlackBytes Dns ... with these servers and query specific records ... configured DNS servers and provides built-in local DNS resolver and more.


Databound Random Banner Rotator

Databound Random Banner Rotator script ... site with banners and images which rotates randomly. Database table is ... store banner file names and it retrieves the ... banners in a random order by the ...


Email Hustler 1.2

... tell-a-friend and slot-machine program ... odds of winning and offer prizes. Bogus-looking addresses can be deleted easily. Saves names and email addresses to a flat ...


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Email Protector

... stores your email addresses, names, and company roles in a flatfile database and thus helps you ...


Global Whois 4.16.00

... registrars. Lookup domain names, IP addresses, nameservers, and registrars. / Global ... most TLDs, ASNs, and network assignments. TLD ...


Global Whois - Free Domain Name Search Tool 4.16.00 SQL

... registrars. Lookup domain names, IP addresses, nameservers, and registrars.


Online Classifieds Pro 3.III

... optional category index and Ad count front ... user to harvest names and email addresses from the database, and more


Pivo DnsResolver Ccomponent 1.I

... for host information and programmatically query DNS ... information about host names and domain names in a kind ... each host name, and lists the mail ... because while computers and network hardware work with IP addresses to perform tasks such as addressing and routing, humans generally ... work with host names and domain names, for example in URLs and e-mail addresses. The DNS therefore ... between the needs and preferences of wetware and of software.


Simple Greeting Cards 0.9

... they enter email addresses and names and their personal message. They click Preview, and they can see ... the anchor tags and the placeholder message ...


SPAds Online Classifieds Pro 3.3

... conformation email, harvest names and email addresses from the database ... harvested user email addresses, send bulk E ... purge old ads and old users from ...


Tell-A-Friend for Clickbank Merchants v1.3 v1.3

... has been tested and is currently in ... leads to you, and redirects the visitors ... coverage, more traffic and more affiliates that ... now be missing and allows you to ... lot of email addresses. How does it ... form with their names, email addresses, their ClickBank nickname and their optional message and then simply clicks ... refering friends" letter and everyone of his ... his friend's emails, names, date and IP address of ... Easy to install and to use; Full ... mail subject lines and body messages; Both ... messages (to teller and to his friends ... notifications with emails and names to the administrator ... 12 possible errors and returns a message ... for easy setup and greater control over ... to the teller and to the friends ... the Perl script, and everything is set ...


Wu Name Generator

... is a simple and easy to use ... you to generate random names based on simple nouns and adjectives. The script ... list of nouns and adjectives in individual text files and reads them in ... script generates the random number using a ...


iPlussoft PHP Contacts Importer 2.1

... to import contact names and e-mail addresses from popular webmails ... Indiatimes, Sina, Outlook and Thunderbird. Advanced mailing ... contact e-mail addresses is included. Easy to use and configure. Hosted and download version available ... Windows IIS, Apache and Linux Hosting - Plesk, cPanel and Webmin. Compatible with ... Dating Websites, Blogs and more!

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Newsletter Email Address Exporter 1.0

... of the email addresses, First Names, and Last Names of all of ... in Admin->Tools and it asks you ... file.Very simple, and easy to modify ... want is email addresses. Language: PHP


Dynamic XML Flash Quiz 1.0

... questions in a random order and provides results via ... All quiz questions and parameters are defined ...

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GSC Visual Query Builder v0.7

... platfrom independent, table names and fields are retrived via TableList property and OnGetTableFields event. Supports ...

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... time shipping rate and package for their ... from the customers and sends them to UPS and thereby to display the results and it uses XML ... the US states and code, suitable country names and codes and Canada codes and provinces.


Advanced Trivia 3.0

An advanced and highly customizable trivia script that generates random questions and lists the answers randomly. It uses a ...


AdvancedTrivia _

... advanced trivia script and highly customizable. We ... one step further and worked a little ... It generates a random question and of course lists ... lists them in random placement so the ...