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Preemptive Priority Scheduling C Code

TurboExcel 2.0

TurboExcel converts Excel spreadsheets to C++ code. / This helps developers create perfect code instantly. Whenever you ... single line of code. Then, push a ... DLL is instantly created. / TurboExcel slashes ... How? Because you cut out the most time consuming parts of software ... testing. / TurboExcel creates DLLs, as well ... the new function can be used within ... And because TurboExcel can convert spreadsheets that contain addin functions, its ... in a spreadsheet, convert it to C++, and then use ... another spreadsheet to create a more powerful function, which can also be converted to a C++ DLL, ad infinitum ... standalone programs that contain the spreadsheet's functionality ... in function and convert it to C++. So the full ... available. / TurboExcel can even convert VBA code to C++, which can speed up spreadsheets ... things really do come in small packages ... that you simply can?t be without it ... of the smallest companies in the world ...


EaseSoft Barcode .NET Controls 3.0

... Net Windows Forms Control is 100% managed C# code product which can add professional quality ... windows application .You can save the barcode ... using the PrintDocument Control provided by the ... to input special character using tilde codes.

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Visual Browser for C/C++

Visual Browser for C/C++ is a C/C++ Code Browser integrating program code editor,analyzer and documentation generator with code flowcharting and visualization.It can help programmers to ... document and understand c,c++source code with built-in analysis for C/C++ program.It also can be used to visualize and flowchart c,c++ code.Its flow chart Documentation Generator supports ... It now supports C,C++,VC++(Visual C++ .NET) programming languages ...

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Spices.Net Decompiler

... that recovers source code from crashes and convert executables to C#, Vb.Net, J# ... Net and managed C++ code.

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Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK 2.30.1276

... files (XLS, XLSX, CSV) in .NET and ... required. Supports formula calculations, generates XLS with ... PDF. 100% managed C# code. Includes .NET, ActiveX and command line (console) interfaces so can be used from ... NET and also can be used in ... 6 and ASP classic, Delphi. Comes with over 150 ... and paste" source code samples for C#, VB.NET, ASP ... Basic 6, ASP Classic. Technical details: # ... XLS, HTML, TXT, CSV, XML support; # ... # Reading for CSV, XLS (Office 97 ... ODS (Open Office Calc) support; # Formula calculations (standard functions, add ... XIRR) support; # Can be used in Visual C#, Visual Basic.NET ... ASP.NET; # Cells, columns, rows, worksheets support ... support; # 12 chart types supported; # Cell formatting (font, color, border style, alignment) is supported; # Capable of changing existing Excel documents (change data and save ... or remove rows, columns); # Export XLS into CSV, TXT, HTML and ... into dataset; # Convert spreadsheets from command line or .bat command files using Spreadsheet SDK Console version.

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A Coding Convention for C Code ?

A Coding Convention for C Code is a multi-platform compatible script that makes ... read each other's code, here are a ... follow when writing C code.


Aztec Barcode ASP.Net Component 2.0

... Barcode ASP.Net Component is Windows compatible. Our lightweight Aztec ASP.Net component is 100% managed C# code product which can add professional quality ...


BKAudio 2.0

... the sound list component in this program. This program is completely based on CLS compliant C# code. It is easy ...


C# to VB.NET Translator

C# to VB.NET ... in which you can get the method for converting the c# coding in to the VB.NET coding. In this tutorial ... through which you can perform this operation by pasting the c# code in it and clicking on the translate ...



COM to .NET is a solution that can be used to migrate COM based codes into .NET codes. Users are allowed ... ActiveX objects or COM objects. This program ... an ability to create wrappers as C# code and users are allowed to edit C# code on their projects. IEnumerable interfaces can be created for OLE collection classes. This program also ... like, XML documentation can be generated, unions and module functions can be imported, comments with IDL can be created and more.


CuteEditor for .NET 3.0

CuteEditor for .NET is ... ASP.NET WYSIWYG control. It enables ASP ... like interface for creating and publishing web content without relying on any client-side components or controls. / CuteEditor toolbar is totally configurable and it is ... just need a couple lines of code to add this ... your application. / Click one of the ... learn more about CuteEditor for .NET. / What's new in CuteEditor / CuteEditor features / Integration ... of ASP.NET code, or just use ... to Microsoft Word Comes with popular WYSIWYG ... is required. / Customization and Extensibility Any button can be removed. You can create completely custom buttons. Developers also can apply cascading style sheets to toolbar buttons to customize the appearance. / ... applets or ActiveX components, no plug-in ... images are dynamically created,- Supports upload new ... Advanced table and cell functions. / 100% DHTML, JavaScript and C# code / Visible/invisible. Hide/show ...


DataMatrix Barcode ASP.Net Component 2.0

... Barcode ASP.Net Component is Windows compatible. Our lightweight DataMatrix ASP.Net component is 100% managed C# code product which can add professional quality ...


Extending Python and Zope in C

... are two basic components to a Python ... is obviously the C code. I'll cover that in a minute. The other component is the Setup ... location of its C code, and any compiler flags you may ... is preprocessed to create a makefile (on ... using the Microsoft compilers. The folks at ... to persuade GNU compilers to do the ...


Head-Spinning C++ Managed-Native Interoperability

... application in a COM component after collecting them. It can be done by using C++ code, this tutorial guides ... that the programmers can start this proceeding by creating a DLL or COM and parse all ... to it. After collecting all sources from .NET application they can easily call them directly from COM component. This tutorial can be used as ...


J-Integra Espresso - .NET - Java Interoperability v1.0

... and run-time components that bridge Java ... as fully managed C# code and is therefore compatible with any .NET language (C#, ASP.NET, ? ... bridge between Java, CORBA and .NET. While ... implementation, 100% managed code / It is ... any J2EE or CORBA infrastructure that is IIOP-compliant such as VisiBroker ... // /


PDF417 2D Barcode ASP.Net Component 2.0

... Barcode ASP.Net Component is Windows compatible. Our lightweight PDF417 ASP.Net component is 100% managed C# code product which can add professional quality ...


pop3 Activex Email Component 1.0

pop3 Activex Email Component is a Windows compatible script that makes ... Microsoft Outlook. Developers can construct and send email ... ASP, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Foxpro, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# code in easy ways ... is fully automation-compliant, it can be called from any language that supports COM.


RSS Feed Project in .NET

... it demonstrates writing C# code to consume RSS feeds. After ... applications. The sample code for this working ...


Runtime C# Expression Evaluator

Runtime C# Expression Evaluator is ... basic principles of C# expression evaluator. The ... the presence of C# code in an application. Here the programmers can learn about compilation process of C# evaluator during runtime ...


CommentMakerPro 1.2

CommentMakerPro (Microsoft Visual Studio Add-In) creates fully customizable template-based class, function and file comment blocks for C++ code. The default settings of CommentMakerPro create comments that are compatible with a popular ... by many software companies. CommentMakerPro uses Visual Studio for the code analysis.

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