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Pre School Enrollment System

Pre Hospital Management System 1.0

Pre Hospital Management System System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to...

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School management Script 1.0.4

Our school management software is a virtual school management system that supervises the flow of your institution.

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Apotheosis - School management 1.0

A modular school management system to gradually replace SIMS / CMIS / etc with an open source alternative.


BlueSoftWeb Final

SchoolScript is the New and revolutionary web based school management system. You don't need to be a webmaster in order to launch a perfect website...


PRE Business Management System 2.V

Pre Business Management System is consists of complete Customer Relationship Management System, project tracking system, inventory control system...


Pre IP Blocking System 1.0

Pre IP Blocking System is most enhanced anti fraud system. Block and control incoming site visitors Internet Protocols (IPies) and prevent your...


Library System Manager 1.0

This "From School Library System Manager" is designed to serve as a model to manage libraries of public schools or not.


School Management CRM

The school management system provides that platform to a school with facilities its management, making it more effective.

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Pre Restaurants Management System 1.0

Pre Multi Restaurants Management System contents are easily editable, CSS editable is provided so that you can easily make design changes, and give...

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Cynus 0.6.2

Cynus is a Content Management System aimed specifically at academic establishments of all types and sizes.


Big Medium web content management system 1.3.2004

Big Medium is a browser-based content management system whose WYSIWYG text editor allows non-techies to publish web content without touching HTML....


CosmicMailing List Manager 1

A browser based mailing list management system with features such as variable configuration for the main program and individual lists, email...



This is a perl written server program that offers users a web host control panel. This system helps users to manage mysql databases. Features like...


Credits module for Esvon Classifieds 2.8

Credits module allows you to have a system where people could pre-purchase ad placement/membership credits. This allows the customer to...


Encore Web Forum II 2.XII

Encore Web Forum II is an elegant forum system for the World Wide Web. It creates a venue for discussion and interaction between visitors of a...


ErfurtWiki R1.0.1d

ErfurtWiki is a simple script based on php and is a content managment system which is used to create and edit pages on the websites. It is an...


eYe Project 1.0.A

eYe Project is a distribution of Sambar Webserver, MySql database and PHP5.x in a Windows environment. Complete configured, ready to use. There are...


Fixit Knowledge Base

This program contains ASP coded modules with which you can build and manage a powerful knowledgebase to assit your customers in utilizing your...


FREE Pikesys Event Calendar 0.3

This free Javascript event calendar tool lets you put an attractive and dynamic event calendar on your web site. You can add hyperlinks to more...


Hodoman Timer

This is an OS independent software that helps to manage our internet cafe's. It is a client/server model where the customer's can be managed easily...