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Advanced Clock

Advanced Clock is a JavaScript, which displays the time, minutes and seconds in the am/pm format (12 hour) for easy comprehension of time by the...


BCunits 0.1

This is a script written in php that allows users to create or add a database table to an existing Mysql database. It also stores hours(12:00...


Billow Promote 1.0

The installation is very easy:1. Change the "#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w" in to your server's perl location. 2. Change the config...


BS Image Counter 2.V

This script is a web hit counter and tracker that has been written in Perl. It helps you to block multiple hits from the same user and also support...


CGI Helper 1.00

CGI Helper is a Perl based script that shows you environmental variables of cgi, environmental values of, paths to Perl and send mail,...


CGI.h 1.10

This header file allows you to create CGI objects in C++ in much the same way that gives you this ability in Perl. Includes many access...

Freeware Basics

This article teaches through simple examples the usage of page construction and form parsing capabilities of to simplify your Perl...


CGI::Minimal 1.II

CGI::Minimal provides a lightweight alternative to the module shipped with Perl. Rather than attempt to address every possible need of a...


Clock 2.0b

This is a clock that can display date and time. Date format can be displayed with day such as long format 'sunday' or short format 'sun', date such...


Dynamic Clock

Dynamic clock is a JavaScript, which can incorporate a date and time display in which the time is displayed second by second in the am/pm (12 hour)...


EI-Planet Forums 2.0

A PHP built forum that supports threaded message postings on all categories such as general, programming skills etc., This discussion forum is...


EZ Date/Time 1.5

Displays current date, time, or both. Also displays in PM/AM format, 24 hour format, or Military Time.

Freeware 0.25

This provide locking or mutex mechanism under UNIX (using files) and Win32 (using Win32::Mutex). creates file or mutex if they do not...

Freeware 0.0.2 is a Perl module that adds features which make Perl slightly more functional. It adds functions such as 'foldr' and ?foldl?. The...


Chatologica GlobalSubmit 1.0

Start your own automated real-time URL submission service. It requires less CPU/network resources than regular LWP-based software as it uses...


IN and OUT PRO 3.0

IN and OUT PRO is coded in perl software that is useful in office and project administration. This script lets you customize the appearance of...


Java World Clock 3.II

This applet is a client side clock display, which can display date and time and depends on the computers clock setting. It allows you to set AM/PM...


KeyConvert -

This is a small utility to aid in the conversion of plain text keyword files to the format that EasyPage uses in


Live Date

A script that displays a live date, in the format of Sunday, June 07, 2004 9:22:58 PM, and is updated every second.

Freeware 1.0

This script gives you an easy way to find out the Perl configuration of your web server. Information displayed includes Perl version,