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Pm Hak Wapcraft Sofwear Basics

This article teaches through simple examples the usage of page construction and form parsing capabilities of to simplify your Perl...

Freeware 0.25

This provide locking or mutex mechanism under UNIX (using files) and Win32 (using Win32::Mutex). creates file or mutex if they do not...

Freeware 0.0.2 is a Perl module that adds features which make Perl slightly more functional. It adds functions such as 'foldr' and ?foldl?. The...


Official Guide to Programming With Cgi.Pm, a Perl library for writing CGI scripts, delivers elegant solutions for using and updating Web forms. The author, Lincoln Stein, realized...


PM Report for PostgreSQL 1.0

PM Report for PostgreSQL is a simple report generator that can be used with any PgSQL database.

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Open PM 1.0

Open PM (Property Management) is a concept of open property listings.


PM Framework 0.1b

PM - Framework (PHP-Mysql Framework) is a php library to help out developers with classes and functions.

5.3 KB II.53

This perl 5 library uses objects to create Web fill-out forms and to parse their contents. It also provides an interface for parsing and...

Freeware - a Perl5 CGI Library 3.V

Lincoln Stein states, "This perl 5 library uses objects to create Web fill-out forms on the fly and to parse their contents. It is similar to...

Freeware 3

This module expedites the creation of HTML time and date drop down or select menus for CGI forms that are created on the fly.


Handling file uploading from www forms with

CGI programming texts rarely discusses the technique involved in handling forms that upload files which is an often necessary requirement. This...


PM Report 1.0

Create a custom report. You can select which fields you want to see, format numbers, total columns, and even export the results to a CSV file.


Clark PM Site 1.0

An attempt to consolidate information from hundreds of projects in the DC area.

Freeware 1.0

Perl5 module for executing LOLCODE, including a LOLCODE-to-Perl compiler.


PM in Oppen Source Environments 1.0

The objective of this project is to develop and implement a methodology for energy consumption reduction in OMAP platform operating with Linux...


Advanced Clock

Advanced Clock is a JavaScript, which displays the time, minutes and seconds in the am/pm format (12 hour) for easy comprehension of time by the...


BCunits 0.1

This is a script written in php that allows users to create or add a database table to an existing Mysql database. It also stores hours(12:00...


Billow Promote 1.0

The installation is very easy:1. Change the "#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w" in to your server's perl location. 2. Change the config...


BS Image Counter 2.V

This script is a web hit counter and tracker that has been written in Perl. It helps you to block multiple hits from the same user and also support...