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TPlanner / TDBPlanner for CLX 1.6

Planner component for interactive scheduling applications. Items that can be resized / repositioned, multiline editable, multiple imagelist images,...

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Air Time 2.0

Air Time is an useful utility for every business administrators and for small to high level organizations to maintain their program schedule by...


Calender Planner ?

Calender Planner is multi-platform compatible. Tired of editing your HTML to post information about upcoming events? Need to remind yourself to do...


Events Planner I.25

Events Planner is multi-platform compatible. Our Event Planner is a very easy to use online collaborative calendar. Offer your site members or...


FreeCal 1.I

Online calendar / event scheduler with password protection.Priority colour coded. Fully and easily configurable. / Event planner/online calendar....


Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET on Windows Server 2003

Consider the perceived risks of migrations that tend to cloud the benefits of new technologies from a business perspective, making it difficult to...



phpGroupWare is a collection of PHP coded modules that has ACL system (Access Control List) to keep track of user's tasks and reports. It can...


SZCalendra 1.4.2001

SZCalendra is multi-platform compatible. SZCalendar is a fully featured calendar with database support. You can add reoccuring events depending on...



TeamIntegrator is a high featured user management script that functions on PHP platforms. Users can communicate among them via discussion boards....


Orbital Decisions Collection 1.0

Contains several components and tools:UserPriv Application - Visual User Privileges Administrator for Interbase Databases.Loom Loading Application...

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Akti Planner 2.17

Akti Planner is a visual time organizer and tracker that can manage several people schedules simultaneously. It features the unique ability of...

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Loom Loading Planner 2.5

A loom loading planner for a weaving factory. Various scenarios can be created, saved and their requirements, projected output and loom setup...

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Award-winning DB-aware and non DB-aware Planner component for interactive scheduling applications. Items that can be resized / repositioned,...

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Iplanner 0.0.3

Iplanner is a online calendar/planner/addressbook/etc that allows for multiple users.


Pigeon Planner 1.6.2

Pigeon Planner aims to be a simple to use pigeon database.

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Special Population Planner 40

Special Population Planner: A GIS-based emergency planning tool for all-hazards analysis.

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Jujunie Integration 0.06.01

Jujunie-integration integrates third party tools, applications, and protocols together (Bugzilla, Planner, ICS, AutoDeploy, Oracle.

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Care Planner 1.0

Care Planner is a care scheduler aimed at SME's and other organisations providing care for the elderly.


Agile Planning Tools 1.0

This Agile Planner project will be implemented and used in a research environment to explore different planning strategies in the context of agile...


Plansim 0.2.0

Plansim is a C++ framework aimed to the development of efficient planner agents based on heuristic forward search, that use discrete event...

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