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Disable phpBB Call-Home 1.0.0

With this Mod, you can enable oder disable the phpBB "Call-Home" Function in Admin Control Panel


CBACK SupportTicket Assistant for phpBB 1.0.0

This MOD adds an Assistant to your phpBB Supportforum wich asks the user to important information supporters need to help Users with support...


123FlashChat MOD for phpbb 2.0

This is a chatting tool based on php script that helps site visitors to chat with web owners using a powerful java server. Users can chat in a real...


Dynamic Sites With PHPBB

Dynamic Sites With PHPBB is a PHP based article that guides you through the process of making your webiste more attractive and dynamic. This...


Last phpBB posts 1.0

This script is used for PHP Nuke. It shows you the comments of the past number of posts submitted by your site visitors through phpBB Forum in a...


Multi-Forums Pro Host for phpBB 1.0

This pro host system helps you to host any number of forums with a single installation of phpBB. Using this sytem you can add your site to the top...


Phpbb 2 2.0.4

Phpbb 2 is a multi-platform compatible easy-to-use, user-friendly, easy administration! All you need is this board, stylish design, 100% bug free,...


phpBB Amazon Search MOD 1.0.0

Allows visitors to search Amazon for products without leaving your phpBB forum. Insert your Amazon affiliate ID and receive commissions for the...


phpBB Blog 1.0

A blogging system built on top of phpBB. It provides a blog-ish page that can be embedded into your home page or any other template, and it also...


phpBB Fetch All 2.0.12

A modification to phpBB that displays data from the forum on any page of a website. It supports all phpBB versions from the 2.0.x branch.


PhpBB Integration - X-Cart MOD 2.0

PhpBB Integration is an easy to integrate shopping cart utility that allows the users to perform shopping activities on their website. This...


phpBB Search Engine Indexer

Are you a webmaster, online business men, need to increase your web traffic and increase your revenue !. This script is certainly for you !. This...


PHPBB Simple Stats 1

PHPBB Simple Stats displays the number of posts, number of users and the name of the latest registered user.


phpBB ADR RPG Mod 1.0

phpBB ADR RPG MOD is a phpBB premodded, where you can easily run your own rpg web game, without no more editing php files, because its already done...


phpBB - Passport 1.0.1

phpBBPassport allows users to login to a phpBB forum without needing to signup.

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phpBB Syntax Highlighting MOD 0.4.1

geshi-phpbb provides a MOD for phpBB for syntax highlighting, using the GeSHi syntax highlighter.

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phpBB Swedish Translation Project 1.0.1

This is the Swedish translation project for the phpBB forum software.

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phpBB: Official French Translation bb.3.0.4

Projet de la traduction franaise officielle pour phpBB, hbergeant les diverses archives du logiciel, les fichiers de langue et les packs...

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phpBB Chinese Localisation 1.0

We offer Traditional/Simplified Chinese Localisation Support for administrators using phpBB2, phpBB3 and phpBB Plus.


EvE Online IGB - PHPBB Interface bb3.beta4

This project is designed to create an interface to go between the EvE-Online InGame Browser and PHPBB.

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