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Php Reservation System

Online Reservation System - iScripts ReserveLogic

This online reservation script is designed to improve the conversion of your website visitors and transform them into your own customers. This...

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Loris Hotels Reservation System 2.II

Loris Hotels Reservation System is a result of 2 years research and development by Lithuanian Tourism Organization "Tourism Fund of Lithuania" and...


PHP Rating System 1.V

PHP Rating System is a simple five star php rating system and is a script based on php. With the help of php rating system users can display...


PHP Competition System 1.0

PHP Competition System is a web based management system for competition on collective sport like footbal, handball, volley ball, rugby.


Campground Reservation System 1.0

Group project to develop a campground reservation system as part of a Software Engineering class requirement.


Php Window System 1.0

Php Window System is a generic Window management PHP code that allow any PHP application to propose to the user a friendly graphical interface.


Restaurant Table Reservation System 1.0

The Restaurant Table Reservation System is a Django-powered web server framework that allows programmers (or me) to build websites for restaurant...

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YAPHPS (Yet Another PHP Portal System) 1.0

Yet Another PHP Portal System (YAPHPS) in an PHP framework and CMS system focused in security and simplicity.


PHP Contest System 0.6alpha

Contest system, written on PHP (some executables - on C++) for Programming contests creation.

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PHP Login System w/ 5 Levels of Security 1.0

PHP/MYSQL Login System with 5 Levels of Security meaning "THE HEIRARCHY OF ADMINISTRATION" (Admin/Director -> Manager -> Assistant...

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PHP Expert System Engine 1.0

Engine for Expert System based on PHP.


Tiger Php News System 1.0

This is a PHP driven news site that aims to be secure, easy to install and maintain.


BugHotel Reservation System 3.2.1

A complete hotel booking system for multiple hotels. It allows end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter...


PHP Doc System 1.V

This is a php document where admins are allowed to create modules for documentation elements. In this script you must define each button, toolbars,...


airline ticketing reservation system 1.0

managing a ticketing management system with the ability to store airport details as well as airplane types and fare details.


PHP Ticket System - IT 1.0

This project is a Ticket System.


Akisha php & ajax system generator 2

generador de aplicaciones lamp, genera codigo php y mysql, se selecciona una base de datos y el aspecto grafico, luego se genera un sistema...

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PHP File System Parser 1.0

A PHP class that traverses a given directory recursively, optionally following symbolic links.


Trixs PHP Development System 1.0

Webbased PHP Development Utility with planing, profiling and source control.


Hotel Booking System 3.0

The Hotel Booking System is a multilingual online hotel reservation system that blends perfectly into any website and platform. Add a clear call to...

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