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Php Framework

crGUI PHP Framework 1.2

crGUI PHP Framework is based on PHP5 and Javascript 1.


Generic PHP Framework 0.9.0

Generic PHP Framework is a simple but an effective CGI library with a powerful object oriented design that supports enterprise features to develop...


Jawyl PHP framework 1.0

RAD object oriented php framework for writing extendable and reusable code.

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PHP For Applications - PHP Framework 3.8.4

PHP5 RAD and object oriented PHP framework for building event-driven stateful web applications.

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GLUD-PHP-Framework 1.0

This project build a PHP framework based on struts and webworks design, implements the MVC pattern and autogenerate code from xml document.

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Adventure PHP Framework (APF) 1.0

The adventure php framework understands itself as a utility to implement object oriented and generic PHP web applications.

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Kohi PHP Framework 20101022.2

Kohi is an object-oriented PHP framework that aims to be light-weight, easy-to-learn and does not want to stand in the programmer's way - a...

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Pith PHP Framework 530

The Pith PHP Framework is a web application framework written in PHP 5.

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peaceB PHP Framework 1.0

peaceB PHP Framework is a lightweight plugin-based MVC framework that can be used to easily create web applications.


phunction PHP Framework 0.8.16

Small and carefully designed HMVC PHP framework - now on GitHub.

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SIPF - Simple Intelligent PHP Framework 1.1

SIPF:Simple Intelligent PHP Framework Simeon Ivaylov Petrov Framework SEO Ideological PHP Framework (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) This is a...

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Neobase PHP Framework 0.9.1

Neobase is a PHP framework that allows you to develop your applications pretty like .

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Jammary PHP Framework 1.0

Jammary PHP Framework (JPF) contains Classes and Methods that work as a simplified API to PHP and XHTML, and helps developers quickly create...


exGate PHP Framework 1.0

exGate is a PHP Framework ideal for (developing and designing) (well-looking and powerful) (web applications or web sites).

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Nifty PHP Framework 1.3.20120118

A nifty PHP framework, designed to be a small, powerful framework that provides easy and beautiful PHP coding.

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Akelos PHP Framework 0.8

Akelos is a PHP framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the MVC pattern.

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Antares - PHP Framework 0.0.7

Antares is a PHP Framework, which focuses on organic rapid application development.

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BI php framework 1.0

This project aim to create a new high performance php framework.

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Demon PHP Framework 0.2.5

DPF - Demon PHP Framework.

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Essentials Osezno PHP Framework 1.0

English: OPF Essentials is a collection of art tools that attach to the structure of Osezno PHP Framework and allow the developer to build web...

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