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Peg Solitaire

Solitaire Maniac 2.0

The ultimate collection of beautiful solitaire card games. It is the collection of spectacular tableau images, melodic music and nice graphics....

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Dynamic Solitaire - Spartian 1

Dynamic Solitaire - Spartian is multi-platform compatible. Dynamic Solitaire-Spartian is a solitaire game made only with JavaScript. You can use it...


Hanoi Towers Puzzle Solver 0

This program can solve the hanoi towers puzzle for any given number of disk. It is assumed that in the begining of the game,the disks are only...

1024 B

CardTable 2.10

CardTable is a free Delphi component that enables the easy creation of card games. With smooth movement and drag and drop options. Version 2 is on...

1.7 MB

PegTest 1.0

PegTest is an interactive application for developing parsing expression grammars (PEGs).

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The Narwhal Compiler Suite 32

The purpose of the project was to serve as a testbed for compiler technology.

144.4 KB


A parser generator based on parsing expression grammar rules.


AJAX cardgame framework 1.0

JavaScript, CSS, and a bare minimum of image data come together to provide a card game framework for the web.