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PCI Configuration Utility. 1.0

pci-utility is utility developed to access PCI Device configuration Space.



TVicPci is a generic device driver for use with practically any programming language. It allows you to access and control PCI devices directly...

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WinDriver for Windows 7.02

WinDriverO for Windows automates and simplifies the development of user mode Windows device drivers for PCI / PCI Express / CardBus / ISA / PCI-104...

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KylixDriver 3.1

KylixDriver is RAD Kylix-oriented and integrated software for PC hardware access. At the current stage of development this toolkit can be...

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MemAccess Library 1.2

MemAccess Library gives programmers control of hardware devices from Win32 application without using DDK. The tool allows real-time direct access...

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Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 5.0

Acunetix WVS automatically scans your web applications & web services for vulnerabilities to SQL injection, Cross site scripting, Google hacking &...

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SystemMisc 1.0

SystemMisc is a console mode debug which direct access PC H/W resource (PCI/IO/CMOS.


TVicHW32 5.0

TVicHW32 is a general purpose device driver that can be used by practically any programming language. It lets you access and control hardware...

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Zilla Internet Connection Accelerator

Configure with Connection Booster Wizzard any modem, ADSL, Cable, DSL and LAN connection types for maximum performance for faster surfing the Web,...

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VisioForge Video Capture Delphi Edition 2.8

VisioForge Video Capture is a Delphi / C++ Builder control that allows programmers to easily integrate video capturing and processing capabilities...

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VideoLab .NET 3.1

The VideoLab is a set of .NET components, based on OpenWire 3.x for fast video processing. They allow fast complex video manipulations with zero...

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VisioForge Video Capture SDK (Delphi Version) 3.3

VisioForge Video Capture SDK allows programmers to easily integrate video capturing and processing capabilities into their software applications.

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Authorize.Net CIM Product (ASP) 3.0

Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager Product

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jijiactive directory reports

JiJi Active Directory Reports enables Active Directory Reports for computers Active Directory Reports for OU Active Directory Reports for LDAP...

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SmartMOB Toolkit 1.0

The SmartMOB Toolkit is a powerful perl based solution for Service based applications supporting multiple devices (e.


Linux Firmware Debug Kit 0.1.0

This is a tool which have similar GUI to DOS "RU".

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BIOS Hardware Tools 1.0

This is a tool collection for Legacy BIOS Engineer.


Broadleaf Commerce 1.0

The most current Broadleaf Commerce source code is now available on GitHub (https://github.

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sitecheck 1.6

Much more than just a link checker, sitecheck is a website spider (also known as a crawler) which can assist with SEO by testing an entire site...

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OpenSQUID 0.2

OpenSQUID is a Python framework for the control of SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) readout electronics.

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