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Password Validate

SmartUtils Password SDK 1.0.1

SmartUtils Password SDK is a complex crossplatform passwords management framework for developers. It allows to add secure random passwords...

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4MemberOnly 3.0

* 4MemberOnly can create a login and member area on your site quickly and with the least effort and expense. * 4MemberOnly emails the login details...


AspEncrypt 1.I

With AspEncrypt, you can encrypt and decrypt files and messages using industry-standard ciphers such as RC2 or DES. Generate and manage...


ASPSort .

The essential tool for website access management. Prevent web account abuse. AuthentiX with extra. Streaming Media protection. PPV, PPM...


Complete PHP Joke Portal Website

Complete Professional Website with Hosting! | | Allows visitors to: | | Rate jokes | | Add jokes | | Search jokes | | Email jokes to friends | |...


Creating a Membership System Tutorial

Building a login form using PHP with MySQL as backend for your web applications makes your webpage more interactive and bring visitors to your site...


Easym@il 1.III

A program for the management of a large mailing list (over 30,000 email addresses). You can add/delete email addresses, and manage the messages to...


Email Resolver 4

You want visitors to sign up for your website, but you don't want bogus email addresses filling up your database... / Flicks Software's...


Franciscocharrua's Check Password

Using Franciscocharrua's Check Password, web developers can cross check and verify whether their customer's password for the web services are up to...


Joke Portal PHP 4.0

Great traffic generation with viral features and community gathering. / Allows visitors to: / Rate jokes / Add jokes / Search jokes / Email jokes...


Recipe Portal PHP 4.0

Great traffic generation with viral features and community gathering. / Allows visitors to: / Rate recipes / Add recipes / Search recipes / Email...


SafeListPro -

This script directly emulates those sites like It is a feature packed full site program with everything needed to fully or...


Server Side Validation Code

Server Side Validation Code is a tutorial which helps the users how to validate the form on the server side. The procedure of this tutorial is...


Using a page by page password system using mySQL

This article deals with a page by page password system using mySQL. PHP is used as a frotend to validate or authenticate the user from the...


Validate a UserID and Password against multiple tables in your database

Validate a UserID and Password is an application for user authentication which helps the webmasters by checking the visitors username and the...


Website Membership & Password Protected Pages V 3.0 3.0

Forgot Password Feature - Using Server Jmail or CDONTS Component / SSL 128 Bit Compatibility / Mailing List (Jmail or CDONTS) -Can be updated or...


TEmailServer 4.0

TEmailServer is a built-in SMTP server that can simultaneously validate or verify email addresses and send multiple email messages. This component...

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C3-Lock Lite

C3-Lock Lite is a highly sophisticated password protection and user management system written in Perl and using MySQL database backend capable of...

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ABF Password Recovery 1.3

ABF Password Recovery is a program to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords for many well known programs and popular file formats. All passwords are...

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Accent Office Password Recovery 2.12

If you have forgotten (or lost) a password for opening a Microsoft Office document (Access, Excel, Word) or a password for saving changes to a...

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