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Notepad Plugin

JSLint Plugin for Notepad++ 0.7.1

A Notepad++ plugin that allows users to run JSLint (The JavaScript Code Quality Tool) against their open JavaScript files (more about JSLint at...

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XSL To PDF 1.0

This is a Notepad++ Plugin, is a Designer for view and develop XSL reports.


Convert2HTML Notepad++ Plugin 1.0.10427.1

Convert2HTML Notepad++ plugin helps to convert plain code into syntax highlighted HTML, so it can be used anywhere on a web.

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Notepad++ Plugin Interface Library 1.0

This project extends and enhances the Notepad++ plugin interface to make it easy for novice and experienced programmers to create plugins and...

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ConyEdit for Windows 1.0.8

A cross-editor plugin, a new way to edit code or text, based on clipboard monitoring and command line parsing. With ConyEdit running in the...

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DocIt for Notepad++ 1.0

A plugin for Notepad++, which aids in documentation.

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Notepad++ Python Script

A Python Scripting plugin for Notepad++ Complete easy script access to all of the editor's features (including absolutely everything in...

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notepad++ plugin php script engine 1.0

Plugin for text editor Notepad + +(both.

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Notepad++ Python Script Automation

Provides a set of Python scripts that allow client apps to automate Notepad++ using the excellent Python Script plugin and the Python SimpleXMLRPC...

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nppProjectViewer 1.0.0

Plugin for Notepad++ to show project's tree.

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eBook plugin - Notepad++ & txt2audio 1.0

This is a plugin for Notepad++ that enanches eBooks and prepares them to be converted in audiobooks with txt2audio.


ADOExec 1.0

"ADOExec" is a plugin for "Notepad++".


vhdl npp plugin 2

Its a VHDL plugin for Notepad++ which is simular with the one which is available on emacs (Copy a selcted entity port and then paste it as...

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NppMenuSearch 1.0

Notepad++ Menu Search PluginThis plugin adds a text field for searching menu items and preference dialog options to the toolbar.

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Source Switch 0.7

Source Switch is a plugin for Notepad++ that allows an easy switch between project source and header files.

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Professional Notepad 2.9

Professional Notepad is an advanced tool that allows you view and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, PERL, SQL, Delphi, C++ and other languages...

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Firefox Search Plugin for OSC shops 1.0

This plugin is a Mozilla Firefox one, not really an oscommerce contribution.


OpenID Plugin 1.0

Absalom Media has developed an OpenID plugin to authenticate to the following services: LiveJournal, Vox, Verisign PIP and MyOpenID.


QuickOpen Plugin for notepad++ 1.2

This plugin mimics the "open selected file" in PSPad.

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