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Nmmsg Creation Of Web Server Application


SAPID CMF is a framework for rapid creation of content-based application of Web 2.0 generation. SAPID CMF allows to organize effectively process of...

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Building Mobile Web Applications with .NET Mobile Web SDK & ASP.NET

Internet and mobile phones changed the world a lot interms of fastness and accuracy, this tutorial is one such milestone through which the author...


Flash Server Inspector Flash 5

A flash application for looking up server details for any server. Useful for viewing the type of web server and other information on a certain...


Mastering Asp.Net With Visual C

ASP.NET is Microsoft's new technology for developing complex, interactive Web applications. This comprehensive guide takes C# programmers through...


Sending Mail

Everything from the initial upto end step used with the creation of web based system to send an email through SMTP server is explained briefly in...


WorldPilot 1.0.4

This tool is a web server application which is a Python/Zope based providing you a web based organizer and messenger. / The main features of this...


DevLogic Framework 1.0

It's a framework developed with PHP5 tecnology, his function is make easier the creation of web application using MVC architecture, we focused...


Symfony 2 Framework: X-Share 1.0

Creation of a web application using Symfony2 FrameworkThe tutorial relates about the creation of web application using Symfony 2 Framework.


zoServices 1.0

This project helps the creation of web services using JSON RPC 2.

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Multiform 1.0

Multiform allows creation of Web Applications by defining their processes and business objects in a declarative XML-based language.

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WebMesh Framework (APIs and MVC) 0.13

WebMesh is a framework developed in PHP5 to serve of base for the creation of web applications.

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How to write your first web service in C#

This article completely describes and gives tips to the learners about the creation of web service using C sharp codes. This tutorial also...


Introducing XML Web services

This is an useful tutorial for the webmasters and for the beginners which guides them in making their own XML web services and ASP.NET web...


Mailing List Archive 1.II

PHP Email Archiving project is a php script which use SQL database to archive email.This script allows user to reply for displayed mail message.On...


Mastering ASP.NET with VB.NET

This comprehensive guide takes experienced VB.NET programmers through all the steps of developing sophisticated interactive web applications with...


MOT 2.0b3

The goal of MOT is to allow the creation of web-based databases that can be used collaboratively by multiple users, with links between tables,...


OO PHP Library 1.3

This is an object oriented library that includes enhanced features aiding in the rapid creation of web-based interfaces to a database.


Securing ASP.NET with web.config Part 2

Securing ASP.NET with web.config is one of the main article dealing with the authentication and authorization through which the user could look at...


Update Server Data Through a Web Service by Using ADO.NET and Visual J# .NET

This is an useful tutorial for the web developers by which the users can know more about how to update data from the database through web services...


Nuca WebServer 0.1

It's a plugin for Web Server application development using Nuca Plugin and IdRunner.Supports ISAPI and CGI.

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